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Extracts Queensland’s Acts Interpretation Act 1954 as in force 17 September 1962:-


6. Reference to Acts

 (1) An Act passed by the Parliament of Queensland

      may be referred to by the word “Act” alone.

 (2) An Act passed by the Parliament

      of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

      may be referred to by the term “Imperial Act”

      or by the words “of the United Kingdom”.

 (3) An Act passed by the Parliament

      of the Commonwealth of Australia

      may be referred to by the term “Commonwealth Act”

      or by the words “of the Commonwealth”.

 (4) An Act passed by the Parliament

      of any other State of the Commonwealth

      may be referred to by a word or words

      indicating the name of that State.


Extracts Queensland’s Acts Interpretation Act 1954 as in force 1 July 1992:-

References to “Act”
6. In an Act—

“Act” means an Act of Parliament,  
and includes an enactment of any earlier legislature  
empowered to pass laws for Queensland.


Extracts Queensland’s Acts Interpretation Act 1954 as in force 9 December 1992:-

References to “Act”
6. In an Act—

 “Act” means an Act of the Queensland Parliament and includes—

 (a) a British or New South Wales Act that is in force in Queensland; and

 (b) an enactment of an earlier authority      [Note: legislature removed]
      empowered to pass laws in Queensland that has received assent.


Extracts Queensland’s Constitution Act Amendment Act 1934 (24 Geo. V. No. 35), which was given Royal Assent on 13 April 1934 and which was:-

 “An Act to Amend the Constitution of Queensland by Providing that a Legislative Council (or other similar Legislative Body) shall not be Restored, Constituted, or Established, and that the Duration of the Legislative Assembly (as now by Law provided) shall not be extended unless or until  a Referendum of the Electors of the State of Queensland shall so approve, in either case; and for other purposes.”

3. Parliament not to be altered
in the direction of re-establishing the Legislative Council or other body except in accordance with this section

    (1.) The Parliament of Queensland (or, as sometimes called, the Legislature of Queensland), constituted by His Majesty the King and the Legislative Assembly of Queensland in Parliament assembled shall not be altered in the direction of providing for the restoration and/or constitution and/or establishment of another legislative body (whether called the “Legislative Council,” or by any other name or designation, in addition to the Legislative Assembly) except in the manner provided in this section.

    (2.) A Bill for any purpose within subsection one of this section shall not be presented to the Governor for the reservation thereof for the signification of His Majesty’s pleasure, or for the Governor’s Assent, or be in any other way assented to, until the Bill has been approved by the electors in accordance with this section.

    (3.) On a day not sooner than two months after the passage of the Bill through the Legislative Assembly, the question for the approval or otherwise of the Bill shall be submitted to the electors qualified to vote for the election of members of the Legislative Assembly according to the provisions of “The Elections Acts, 1915 to 1932,” or any Act amending the same or in substitution therefor.

 Such day shall be appointed by the Governor in Council.

    (4.) When the Bill is submitted to the electors the vote shall be taken in such manner as the Legislature prescribes.

    (5.) If a majority of the electors voting approve the Bill, it shall be presented to the Governor for the reservation thereof for the signification of His Majesty’s pleasure.

    (6.) The provisions of this section shall extend to any Bill for the repeal or amendment of this section.

Click here for a printable .pdf version of this page

If you receive adverse letters from any Government or Government Agency such as Crown Law; Police Service; Council; Lawyers; etc, etc. Your reply should include this PDF. It clearly shows that  their own "Laws" (their internal Policies) don’t apply to you since you are a Private Natural Man or Woman,

Please read and understand this Qld article totally. Other States are similar.- search the Corporations Act in your State.

For more details on the “Seal of Queensland” and the “Public Seal of (the “State”)”, refer to Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1997 (Qld) Act No. 81 of 1997 and to Section 41 of Evidence Act 1977 (Qld) Act No. 47 of 1977 and its Reprints after 6th June 2002 which was also the commencement date of the Constitution of Queensland 2001 Act No. 80 of 2001.

BEFORE being CRIMINALLY AND FRAUDULENTLY SEALED with the Corporate Public Seal of (the “State”) AND COPYRIGHTED © State of Queensland, the Criminal Code Act 1899 [63 Vic. No. 9] as amended to 1934 [26 Geo.V. No.11], included the following:-


(63 Vic. No. 9)

An Act to Establish a Code of Criminal Law (as amended)





Punishment of Forgery in General.

488.  Any person who forges any document, writing, or seal is guilty of an offence which, unless otherwise stated, is a crime, and he is liable, if no other punishment is provided, to imprisonment with hard labour for three years.


Public Seals, &c.

 I. If the thing forged—

         (a) Purports to be, or is intended by the offender to be understood to be or to be used as, the great seal of the United Kingdom or of Queensland, or Her Majesty’s privy seal, or any privy signet of Her Majesty, or Her Majesty’s royal sign manual, or the seal of the Governor, or any public seal lawfully appointed to be used for authenticating an act of State in any part of Her Majesty’s Dominions; or

       (b) Is a document having on it or affixed to it any such seal, signet, or sign manual, or anything which purports to be, or is intended by the offender to be understood to be, any such seal, signet, or sign manual; the offender is liable to imprisonment with hard labour for life.




“Crown” Seals

Criminal & Fraudulent Corporate Seals

The Parliament of Queensland (Crown of the United Kingdom with the Lion and the Unicorn)  

Queensland Parliament
(“Royal Crown” with dipped arches)

Badge of Queensland
(“Imperial Crown” with raised arches)
Granted to Queensland 14th July 1876

Badge of (the “State”)
(“Royal Crown” with dipped arches)

Government of Queensland

Seal of Queensland - for use by Public Functionaries in the Government of Queensland.
Seal granted under Royal Warrants of 29th April 1893 and 9th March 1977.
(“Imperial Crown” with raised arches)

Queensland Government

Public Seal of (the “State”) used by corporate Queensland Government and its corporate Queensland Parliament. This Seal used on laws since 1991 and was described in laws from 5th December 1997. (“Royal Crown” with dipped arches)  


It is Total Criminal Fraud for this Public Seal of (the “State”) to be used to appoint the current so called Governor Penelope Anne Wensley; to hold COMMISSION OF INQUIRY ORDER (No.1) 2011 into the Brisbane Floods; to appoint Deputy Governors, Judges, Premiers, Ministers and other MPs, who swear or affirm their Oath of Allegiance and Oath of Office under Schedule 1 Constitution of Queensland 2001 also sealed with the Public Seal of (the “State”).

In Queensland since 1991, this Public Seal of (the “State”) sits on all Acts (=Policy), including Acts dealing with Queensland Courts, Police Service and Councils; with NO Royal Assent and NO authority over the private natural people of Queensland.

Purporting to represent private natural people in Queensland Courts; or even in any other Australian Court under the Australia Act 1986; all Solicitors, Barristers, Lawyers, even Queen’s Counsels (QC), Senior Counsels (SC); swear or affirm their OATHS under this Criminal and Fraudulent Public Seal of (the “State”) and then charge excessive fees for representing those private natural people in Courts in which the private natural people have NO common law rights or any other rights.

The CMC, DPP, the Bar and Bench are all under this Criminal and Fraudulent Seal.

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02 Lawful “Parliament of Queensland”

Criminally and Fraudulently Altered to the

Corporate “Queensland Parliament”

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