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2nd April 2014

Man does not create nor invent, man discovers natural laws and puts them together for his use .. good or bad.  The very idea of patents is selfish, greedy ... all for the ... "love of money"  There are plenty of Bible verses and other sources to back that up ... love thy neighbour ...

I do not know, this may well be a hoax, but plans for Tesla Free Energy home power systems are apparently now available here  ... download the content (and the links content) before it is removed. 

Several people responded to the previous mail out of this article saying things like  " Hi Larry, I normally would never believe in this ... but ... I actually saw an over unity engine last month before my very sceptical eyes…. Michael"  (Brisbane)

If this is true, then ... let's start making them.

Obviously, it's a bit more than a shed handyman project, but there are engineering/electrical workshops everywhere, with the capacity to produce these or similar machines, now the plans can be used as a guide, even without infringing so called Patents. Of course we all want one  So spread this far and wide ... don't "sit and wait"
I have heard of others making similar machines in Australia too, but the greedy mentality of  "lets get it patented so we can made a lot of money"   seems to be their motivation ?  

For goodness sake, start making them if you can, make a reasonable profit, give away your working plans far and wide before the big boys stop you .. the world will reward you anyway.
Consider too, govt employees will want one too   hehe ... ain't they gonna have a conflict of interest, especially those in the power supply, local councils etc all wanting to protect their jobs of dreaming up ever increasing methods to charge you more and more  - so be it - they may have to find an honest job. Remember - a council or govt department is nothing more than a piece of paper - it is the employee who screws you. (to protect his/her job ... that's it)

Here is another major event - I hope you see the enormous ramifications.
Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks:  Ordered To Vacate Country   goodbye mortgages ?

Vietnam is sentencing corrupt bankers to death, by firing squad  

no repeat offenders ?

and here is something nice to watch ... love thy neighbour ... indeed

I think the Rothschilds and bankers "use by" date is imminent ?