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Newsletter 5 August 2014


 Farmer shoots trespassing Agenda 21 agent

This sad event just had to happen sooner or later - we the people do NOT want a repeat - this info can help prevent it..


Firstly - some excerpts from long rantings from a cave dweller who wrote

... fair enough that violence may be an option to some people... but to become them is a bit absurd.... Yes, we got disarmed... and who knows, this incident will probably disarm us more ....I feel like grabbing them and smashing their heads on the rocky outcrop I live on... They invade the cave, and maliciously persecute me... though I have never once had them bring me the piece of paper I need .... they are illegal, they have been defeated by the people via referendum, they simply cannot justify their existence by using the kind of tactics they employ, including their actors ... But how does shooting the bottom feeders get the shit up the top? ... if someone comes at you with a piece of paper...... in turn, you cannot turn around and blow their heads off... maybe you can pull out a lighter and burn the piece of paper, and burn his hand a bit if he decides to hold onto it ... but then you can shepherd him off the land without hurting him ...
an interesting mix of thoughts ?  

I replied -

It is far from a simple trespass with a piece of paper at 5.20pm (after hours)  there are NO ENTRY signs - NO TRESPASS warnings, written and spoken for over a year, to the Agenda 21 agent's threats of fines, confiscation of Turnbull's property and livelihood.
Mr Turnbull used Act of War force to repel this repeat offender trespasser, Glen Turner who was an employee of a foreign company who intends to ruin the farmer.
No doubt they will use armed policy officers (police) for property invasions from now on - but those are also invaders, employees of a foreign corporation.. 
Under International Law and Common Law, Ian Turnbull fired warning shots at the invading enemies (plural) in an act of war - the enemy ignored the legitimate order to leave and one suffered the consequences of his actions. Will the Agenda 21 crowd name him a "war hero" ?

Council staff etc today are not ignorant of what they are doing - thousands of letters have been written to them about the illegality of their actions, their paymaster corporations and the unlawful statutes they hide behind. Note that they have email addresses showing    that is blatant fraud. they are not Government.

These Agenda 21 people, at all levels, will financially ruin or eventually jail or kill anyone who foils their job and paycheck, yet many of them sit in pews on Sunday (vatican sabbath) while they pillage their neighbours and property all week.   Councils are nothing more than a Body Corporate piece of paper - only people can write letters of demand with threats and penalties, to exploit anyone they can, to ensure their fat paycheck and perks.

It is sad that things have gotten to this event - and I am afraid there may be more -
why - because apathetic sheeple ostriches will do nothing to learn or correct things - Why do you think Mr Howard was used to disarmed us, exactly as every wannabe dictator in history has done before attempting conquest ?

Know thy enemy - it's not just a bunch of bankers and rich CEOs.

Click below to print the attached document in colour 

10 - 20 copies - plaster it up everywhere

This sad event just had to happen sooner or later - we the people do NOT want a repeat - this info can help prevent it.  it's up to you