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Newsletter 7 August 2014


This item received: (See attachment also)

Hello Larry,

In case some of your readers may not know what  the 'Local Land Services' actually do, I have scanned my latest newsletter from them. I found it very interesting to read the sub-heading on page one - 'Update from the Chair of the Board of Chairs', it certainly is a strange title. It then goes on to explain that they are a business (no doubt with their own ACN or ABN) and that ratepayers are investors (coerced investors) in their business venture. I also note that we are only the 'custodians of the land' rather than the owners of it.  This organisation used to be called Tweed Lismore Rural Lands Protection Board this then morphed into Livestock Health and Pest Authority and a further metamorphism produced Local Land Services.

Kind regards,

Ric Wade.

Now read the LLS notes on the attachment - Who in hell do they think they are ????  "rate payers are investors in "their" business ?? ... If so…

When are dividends paid to each shareholder ? 
How come investors receive an invoice with a "pay or else" ?? 
Note all the “you gotta pay” items such as General Rate (an illegal tax +
animal heath + meat industry + insects + etc ...
what the hell !!

A Council is nothing more than a Body Corporate which cannot make any rules without approval by all the residents -
How long are you going to play ostrich ?

These thieves are employees of a private company enemy who want our land and we become rent paying tenants - it's that simple  They are paid their 30 pieces of silver !

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