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Nothing here is offered as legal advice
This may well be my last mail out
Why ?

After 35 years, I am tired of trying to get a message out which, for the large part is not read, or is ignored.  Only a few of you ever forward these (I know it because of the few I ever get sent  back to me, when many boast they have 100s or 1000s on their lists).  Such are usually recycling such vital stuff as - what Lord Rothschild did with his Chamber maid in 1829, OR you gotta look at this 2 hr youtube” OR read all 18 attachments in legalese, which few can ever understand.  OR some want to argue about bible interpretations, OR  the dreadful fact that little Johnny had a reaction to peanuts (well don’t eat them). OR  isn’t it awful that an Australian car manufacturer is closing, the article is then copied and pasted by a “recycler” who drives a foreign made car. OR it’s terrible that supermarkets sell foreign food or whatever  (don’t buy it - duh)  
If I don’t get back at least 500 “Forwarded to undisclosed recipients”  then I will know this is a total waste of time and I won’t bother you again.   I don’t care if you have only six on your email list or 25,000 as boasted by some who “sell” help.  (you know what I mean, Ebooks, courses, seminars etc)

Before you study the first attachment, there are a few different ideas and theories on the use of the word Affidavit   
There seems to be a growing consensus, to not use the word … Affidavit   Some believe that many have been duped into thinking “affidavit”  is a good word ... and offer another way of rather than using the word Affidavit ... believing If you use their law and their words, you become subject to them? The option offered is: “
Asseveration”, as it is a non statutory non commercial term.... further explained in the following 4 minute video  
Maxims of Law: on the use of the Affidavit, it has jurisdiction worldwide, :

Do not fear the ever rising scum in gov't and councils, who now cast a very dark shadow over everything.  It only takes one small candle to light the corner of a room, and with each candle, the light becomes brighter,

Remember, the scum that has risen, did so slowly over time so it was not noticed,  Its only over the last 15 years they have become brazen, and now have reached a point where they feel they can openly oppress any one and every one, and are rarely challenged.
Their lust for power and personal greed, has blinded them, and they are now making mistakes,  They have gone too far, and like all filthy parasites. they have become unsustainable,
This we can now use against them, and by engaging others, it creates disarray among them and they are in a panic, as people are waking up to “what authority do these cretins have to control us”

Challenge everything they do, Protect yourself and put yourself above them.
This year I feel there is big change coming that will be horrendous for not only us, but the Governments and councils staff,  
You have free will, don’t let them take it, I believe that surrendering your free will is accepting the mark of the beast. 
Now read the attachments


 Below is generalised for all Australians.


You may have received a “notice” regarding your Land Valuation? Land Value is used by fraudulent council staff to extort money from you, it’s called Rates Notice, (never an Invoice, and it has no GST, cos it is an unlawful tax).

In most of Australia, land values are dropping (except in pockets of real estate in some cities). The pigs at the trough are not going to take a drop in your land values. (which shows the value of everything we own, is dropping in value), except the essential needs in life, like food, and petrol (on the rise again), and essential services, as well as all the government nanny schemes, (health services, education, rego, licenses-permits, insurances, and not forgetting their fraudulent demands under threats of fines, intimidation even jail – for non payment of Rates, fines, taxes,

Also as a matter of fact, some “councils” are now using deception by getting the sheeple to consent to their rates by asking you a simple question:

Do you want your Rates Notice three monthly or six monthly ?

If you answer in any way, other than replying to them that “Rates are Extortion with no lawful authority”, you will be consenting to their fraud

The fact you picked how you would like to receive the rates notice means … you have agreed how you would like to be ripped off. You have consented to the fraud. It’s how deception works, and how they control you and they can change the rules anytime) until the day of reckoning comes, and it will come !

In Isaiah Chap 1, Our Father invites us to accept and live by His rules. In Verses 19-26, He reveals the end result of not doing so. It certainly applies today.

Unfortunately they are now all protected by a corrupt judiciary and armed policy officers, who will not recognise true Common Law. But that will change, Tyranny always fails, (rather badly for those administering it)

Only pay the rates with Under Duress stamped across the Notice informing them they have committed fraud, and also put it on the bank statement, (if you pay by Bank Transfer). (the criminals have never questioned it) which must tell you something.

Claim your land and house and all within it, as personal property, by way of an Asseveration … it is almost never rebutted”, by those named.


Date: xxxxx

Public Notice to-The following Principals: List all the names of your local councillors, addressed to the CEO, Council Administration for Records. Also send to your local MP Note – this was written before, so when you open it, change Affidavit to Asseveration

Send to each one, a certified copy of the original, and give them 30 days, as well as six days of grace, to respond. If they ignore or fail to answer point for point. the Asseveration they were served, they have now placed themselves and the department or corporation or entity, into:

Tacit Procuration and Stare Decisis, which in simple terms means. {they are in ‘silent agreement’ (agreement through acquiescence) and they all have chosen “to stand by that which is decided.” ... THIS IS THE LAW ... { Law for all }.

Have your Asseveration Notarised and put an Estoppel in place that they have all been informed of:

You should also challenge the authority of those who carry the liabilities of The Land Valuation Department, See and copy your relevant bits from who owns it ? Every State and Council claim they are under the State Gov’t - private foreign companies, so who are they to “tax” you ??

Ask them where do they get the authority to value Personal Private property or Fee Simple Deed of Grant Land? They may quote some Act (it’s only a statute, so include docs from above for your State, (which is a private Company).

Also request exemption from their system and full refund of fraudulent taxes raised against your personal property, that you have lawfully claimed, and they failed to rebut, thereby ... by their Tacit Procuration and Stare Decisis they are in ‘silent agreement’ (agreement through acquiescence) and they all have chosen “to stand by that which is decided.” (‘cos no sentient living being is above the Law),

Also the names of entities (Departments of this or that), that cannot breathe, write, think, or live, and have absolutely no power over the sentient living being. That power is only carried by those who carry the liabilities for that Named entity, being sentient living beings, “and for any sentient living being, “to use any power against another sentient being” requires consent, or it’s an act of war, or slavery, both being a crime, one, a crime against humanity (Sentient Living Beings), the other being a crime under Universal Law, Law of the Land, Common Law, Sovereign Law, which means any government or employee that allows this crime against its people, are committing treason.

You may bleat; “They will just ignore it” Well, that’s not a problem, the fact is you will be in possession of the paper work, that you did something, and can prove it.

You will also be in possession of all the names on the CC list to keep them in the loop, regarding where they stand, (and did nothing) Their day will come !!

Many of those are in positions that could bring this to an end, but choose not to do so, means they are just as guilty and care more about their salaries than you.

FACT- we are in Austerity, by deceit, even though the country is one of the wealthiest in the world, but that wealth was and is now being given away by traitors to the people. The system is cracking, as people are being screwed more and more for money they no longer have, or can afford. Discontent is brewing as governments continually lie about unemployment, the MSM lies every day to you, there is some kind of monetary crash coming, ready or not. Perhaps a new money system, accessible only if you accept the “chip” ?

People are looking for answers, they now see we have a very corrupt bloated bureaucracy, bent on stealing every dollar you have, and going after your personal property as well.

The pigs are getting fatter, - up and up their salaries.

You do have the power, use it. The more who gather together and use the power, the stronger it is.

If you cannot see you are becoming more oppressed as the days go by, you are doing or not doing, one of two things,

1 - Gathering at the trough,


2 - You have given up. (RIP)

This can be all shared on mass mail outs, Facebook, for those with an account with NSA/CIA/ASIO. Even if you only tell one person who acts, that is one more. Don’t just send a bunch of emails, and expect them to act if you won’t.

You have a moral choice, use it wisely.


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