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If this is the real goal, there's probably very little you or I can do to stop the culling of 90% of the population, as many people today seem bent on their own self destruction. But at least we can make sure we remain in the 10%.

1) GMOs - Engineered to grow poisonous chemicals right in the crops themselves, supposedly to reduce pests, but GMOs also cause reproductive failure in any mammal consuming them.

2) Vaccines - Loaded with stealth cancer viruses and chemical adjutants, vaccines are the primary cause behind today's rising rates of infertility, birth defects and spontaneous abortions. Vaccines are aggressively pushed by medical clinics in minority neighborhoods and low-income areas.

3) Chemtrails - containing aluminum, barium and other heavy metals, chemtrails can cause human exposure to toxic metals that impair brain function and neurological function. This exposure may contribute to birth defects and deformities, but details need to be further explored.

4) Prescription medications
- Prescription drugs and chemotherapy damage DNA, promote impotence and decrease both sperm quality and egg quality.

5) Chemical food additives - What you eat today can damage the eggs of your great-great-great granddaughter. Poisons in the food supply right now include sodium nitrite (in nearly all processed meats), MSG, aspartame and certain chemical preservatives. Not all are bad, many are natural and in fact some are necessary and are not harmful.  Eat raw as much as you can.

6) Councils and town water - with or without sodium fluoride, a witch's brew of chemicals is deliberately added by staff to the water, including trihalomethanes. THMs are environmental pollutants also used in industry as solvents or refrigerants, and many are carcinogenic. One of the nasties is Bromide which occurs naturally only in seawater. Sea foods and deep sea plants generally have high levels of bromide, Land plants do not use bromide at all. Why is it deliberately added into your drinking water, and why are you paying councils for poisoned water ?

7) Food fascism leading to starvation - Corporations like Monsanto are seeking global domination (and corporate ownership) over the entire food supply. This concept is called "food fascism," and it would allow corporations and governments to determine who eats and who starves. Vege farms and orchards are being ripped up and destroyed in many places now. Farmers being paid off or ruined by local councils and the greenie crowd.

1) Avoid poisons - These means eliminating all GMOs, fluoride, aspartame, MSG, artificial fragrances, chemical medications, chemical food additives and all other synthetic chemicals from your life. For most families, this means gutting your pantry, bathroom counters, garage chemicals and lawn care chemicals.

2) Good nutrition (superfoods, high mineralization, antioxidants, plant concentrates, etc.) can prevent DNA damage from exposure to low-levels of radiation as well as toxic chemicals. Get your body into an alkaline state. Above all, good nutrition boosts brain function, so you think more clearly and don't get suckered into globalist propaganda on TV current affair type shows.

3) Do NOT vaccinate your children - This is a key defense. Those who vaccinate their children condemn them by putting their entire genetic line at risk of annihilation. By avoiding vaccines and allowing your children to naturally experience the chicken pox or measles, you actually make them stronger and more resistant to future infections.

4) Grow your own food - even in pots on your city balcony. The only food you can truly trust is food you grow yourself using heirloom seeds, and rainwater. Save your seeds and re-plant them each season. Over time, they will adapt to your specific soils and climate, improving yields and seed viability.

5) Learn skills of self defense and physical security - Be prepared to physically defend your life, home and property against tyrants, looters, criminals or even zombies (!).

6) Reject mainstream propaganda - to protect your mind, you must refuse to subject yourself to the mind-numbing propaganda of the mainstream media, especially current affairs/ meet the press type programming. Use you mobile phones as absolutely sparingly as possible.

7) Do not try to "save" everyone. Most of the masses are already poisoned with radiation from computers, phones, tv etc - fluoride, vaccines, GMOs and other chemicals into a state of total denial. Have compassion for them, for they are the last of their kind. But do find other aware and informed survivors and get to know them. Share skills and knowledge. Form a community defense plan for a worst-case scenario possibility. Spread skills for strength in numbers.

8) Train yourself for mental adaptability. In order to survive, you must not allow yourself to ever be locked into the "tunnel vision" of narrow thinking. Do not let your mind stagnate. You will need it to be flexible. Be very afraid of the big "prosperity doctrine churches" and their "rapture escape" message which is neutralising the ever growing numbers seeking to fulfill spiritual vacuums. Many pastors are Freemasons, and are masters at guilt trip tithing sermons, They have no hesitation at taking your money. Avoid the NIV and similar recent versions. Get a red letter King James Bible at least.

9) Avoid radiation exposure.  CT scans ordered by your doctor, these harmful, ionizing radiation procedures damage your DNA and compromise fertility. Avoid using cell phones, Smart Meters and even wi-fi, if possible. Especially avoid medical imaging scans, dental X-rays and security scans of all kinds. Radiation damage is cumulative.

Population reduction has begun. For many, it's already too late for their children and grandchildren because their DNA has been compromised beyond repair now... today... in our time.  What a pregnant woman eats today, directly shapes the egg quality of her granddaughter. This also means it takes, at minimum, two generations to recover from toxic chemical exposure.

Through awareness, education and proactive strategies of self-preservation, we can each refuse to become a victim of the depopulation agenda 21 massively being promoted by Local Councils.  If you are counting on the 1830s "rapture philosophy" then the best thinking would be  "coming ready or not" .... no man knows the hour .... so be always ready, mentally, physically and spiritually.


This is heavy - 80min - save and watch to understand what they are planning and the incredible technology they have - even if it's half true.

17th April 2014

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2 - THE GREAT CULLING HAS BEGUN - and how to beat them
4 - WHAT CAN I DO ?  


When a stand up comic sees the banking fraud for what it is, then full marks for explaining it simply   (2m 25secs)


Covertly, insidiously, and mercilessly. The world is vastly different now to 20 years ago.
First, let's dismiss any idea that the great culling is some sort of fanciful conspiracy theory. World power brokers like Bill Gates and Ted Turner openly discuss reducing the world population by 90%. Bill Gates happily funds infertility technologies, vaccines and GMOs, all of which are purposely designed to cause infertility and halt new baby births, thereby sharply contracting the human population.  Bill Gates famously explained his depopulation agenda through the use of vaccines with this quote, delivered to a live TED audience in 2010:   The world today has 6.8 billion people... that's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent. (

That this is the desire of the global controllers is no secret. It's not debated. This is what today's politicians, bureaucrats and even some misinformed activists of the "environmental" movement wish to achieve -- the reduction of world population to under one billion people.
WHY ?  It's difficult to see how today's mindless masses of dumbed-down consumers -- steeped in video games, mobile phones, television and junk food -- can offer any meaningful contributions to the future of human civilization. So, from the point of view of the global controllers, "culling the herd" of humanity is actually a good thing.  They claim the weak and the stupid reproduce just as much as everybody else, if not more so, and the only way to bring it back to a point where we have a species capable of reaching for the stars is to eliminate those who aren't smart enough to deserve a spot in the human gene pool.

Improve the human race through genocide. Eliminate the weak, the ugly, the stupid.
Today's eugenicists are more subtle. They've learned that openly gassing, shooting, bombing and torturing populations doesn't win over the hearts and minds of the public. ... the Roman Catholic inquisition murdered 150 million, Mao Tse-tung, ruler of Red China murdered 100 million - other "dictators" pale far behind those two, altho the USA Govt is fast catching up in recent decades.
So they've developed covert methods of accomplishing the same thing.
These covert methods include convincing people to eat genetically modified foods, to drink fluoride, to take vaccines, to use synthetic chemicals, to increase abortions and pursue other actions that either kill people outright or drastically reduce rates of reproduction. Go to any medical centre or chemist and observe today's eugenics victims willfully line up to be injected with flu vaccines etc containing stealth viruses that accomplish just one thing - Death.
Death by vaccines is merely slower and more covert. than death by Zyklon B.

The genocidal properties of vaccines, GMOs, chemical food additives, medications and other synthetic chemicals function as a sort of intelligence test for the population. Those who routinely take vaccines are, of course, stupid. Removing the stupid people -- the "useless eaters" -- from the gene pool is one of the goals of the global controllers. Thus, vaccine propaganda serves as the perfect filter for removing "stupid genes" from the human gene pool. This is no doubt why globalists so aggressively push vaccines onto low-income families -- they equate "low income" with "not qualified to reproduce"

Today, it is no secret that vaccines contain stealth cancer viruses which are passed down through multiple generations. The SV40 viruses introduced to the population through polio vaccines in the 1950's still exists today in the grandchildren of those who were first vaccinated. This is openly admitted by top scientists who helped develop these vaccines

Meanwhile, the efficacy of these vaccines is completely and utterly fabricated, as has been exposed by two whistleblower scientists who blew the lid on scientific fraud taking place at Merck…

Like it or not, you are now a contestant in a reality game called "Survivor." If you win, you survive and your genes go on to re-present the future of the human race. If you lose, your genetic lineage is annihilated ... permanently removed from the future of the human race.

Remember: the goal of the controllers is to kill off roughly 90% of the existing population, either through a fast-kill weapon/weather manipulation release, or the "slow kill" method of causing global infertility. While Bill Gates only publicly mentioned 10% - 15% in his 2010 quote (above), Ted Turner publicly announced on video, that he believes the population should be reduced to the "two billion" level. You can see that astonishing video, filmed by Luke Rudkowski here.

Remember, man made plans don't always succeed, but we should "know thine enemy".


It is NOT all inevitable, There is a conditional "if" ... 2nd Chronicles 7:14  (KJV)

"if"  is conditional     If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Faith will lead to wisdom to produce good works ... IF YOU will seek first .....