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18th February 2014

THE GREAT FALLING AWAY FROM THE CHRISTIAN FAITH  This is not bashing catholic, protestant nor any religion, east or west. There are many sincere people in all faiths - this is just what is happening big time and fast, regardless of your beliefs.  No one can be neutral much longer.  Rev 18.4


THE GIANTS: No doubt, the link below will cause some flack for those who already "know everything"  - This has nothing to do with religions nor gods nor angels, altho' Genesis 6 and the book of Enoch gives more detail as to what, when, where and why. It's well known that long ago animals were much larger, and dragon flies in dino days were huge too.  Would two men 30 feet tall have a problem handling 2 ton rocks to build a pyramid or such ?  

I have known Steve Quayle since 1978. He has researched this for decades  (he's being interviewed here by a probably sincere ignoramus)  Steve doesn't sit in front of his computer browsing questionable ytubes as 99.9% of "email recyclers" apparently do - he has been there on the sites.  More and more skeletons are being found - and if you have suffererd churchianity, you were told that Noah's flood drowned all the giants - yeah right.  David fought Goliath (13'4") some 946 years later and Goliath wasn't an orphan ?  The Aztec buildings are from about 500AD - multi ton stones too ?

You may say "so what if it's true?"  I wonder if some mad scientists are playing with DNA from the giant skeletons.?  Personally, I think these discoveries are just a part of Dan 12.4, 2nd Peter 3.3 (also concerning Gen 6)