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Newsletter 25 July 2014

1 - Your Mortgage

2 - THE GLOSSA - importance of Your Name in Upper and lower case  

3 - Arresting Corrupt Church Leaders

1 - Your Mortgage
It's all about understanding the transactions you entered and understanding what a mortgage is (most people, even a lot of lawyers, really don't fully understand it), and how it is secured by purchase of the powers of attorney of the mortgagor by payment by the mortgagee, and that the mortgage can only be given by the mortgagor (you) to the mortgagee (lender) if done so with full knowledge and intention to do so, including knowledge and intent that you are giving up your POA and all the risks that this brings with it. If you didn't know, you may well have an argument.

I would love to see some people with weaker cases (evidence-wise) get up to speed on the fundamentals of mortgage law and argue that they simply did not know what they were doing when they signed the mortgage because it was hidden from them by everybody from the government down to the broker, possibly even the lawyer they went to, to seek legal advice. What would such person have to lose?

Apparently the UK have a real high court as opposed to the abomination we endure in Australia.  Check out this recent decision against the Banksters.



The FRAUD OF THEIR COURT uncovered ....

They have been Caught Out! using a system of Writing, that they know was FRAUD! Why use ALL UPPERCASE TEXT if they knew it was a FRAUD? these people MUST KNOW! they are the legal elite! THEY MUST KNOW that legally, ALL UPPERCASE TEXT is American Sign Language, having no legal standing-jurisdiction with the English language Text! ...  rendering all Court documents as corrupt.

They used the GLOSSA, "American Sign language" Section 11:144 and 11:147: The Chicago Manual of Styles, to Deceive the People!

Its OVER - they are finished! their fraud is uncovered! every Document they have ever constructed is now Questionable! FRAUD from the beginning! .. FRAUD to the very end ...

They have Lied and every year they are blessed by the VATICAN to go forth and plunder the people with their TRICKERY and FRAUD.

Here is the legal meaning of GLOSSA on the Black’s Law Dictionary

Here is an Admission from the Registrar of the Cairns Magistrates Court, admitting their fraud! their own admission! In relation to their FALSE ABN’s: (Click on Image to Expand)

The COURTS and the POLICE and the GOVERNMENT are all in this together! ... How deep is this CRIME really, and how long has it been going on, how many people have lost all they have, their property, their homes, their freedom! 

Out right CRIMINALITY from the people we assumed that we could trust! ,, the biggest CRIMINALS of them all!...

And to top it off! They even have a legal meaning for their CRIMINAL DOCUMENTS!! .. The JOKER!


3 - For Your Consideration

Sheriffs move to arrest convicted church leaders Bergoglio, Pachon and Welby:

 Update from The International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels

July 24, 2014 , 3 pm GMT   (Common Cause News Service and copyright)

Brussels, Rome and London:

In the wake of the Court's criminal conviction of Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, Jesuit head Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on July 18, Court-authorized Sheriffs armed with Arrest Warrants are seeking to detain the three convicted men today in London and Rome.

Bergoglio, Pachon and Welby were found guilty of child trafficking and murder by a unanimous decision of the five Magistrates of the Court last Friday, and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

 A spokeswoman for the Court said today,

"Our Sheriffs have notified police authorities in England, Italy and at the Vatican about the conviction, and have asked for their assistance in arresting the guilty parties, who have been issued a Court Order to comply with the verdict, and to surrender themselves to the Sheriffs"

In response, sources in Rome and Brussels have informed the Court that the Vatican is launching a counter attack against the verdict which will include blind media stories attacking the Court and Kevin Annett.

"You can expect an escalation in the hysteria and smears against him and the Court, including from the so-called alternative media that gets Vatican money. Now's the time for another big distraction to fog your verdict" stated a member of Italy's Radical Party today.

Politicians and church sources in Rome confirm that the Court verdict has the Pope "extremely worried". Jesuit leader Adolfo Pachon, also convicted by the Court, has already announced that he will resign at the next Jesuit congress.

In London, Archbishop Welby closeted himself with advisers on July 14 to discuss the Court's case, during the recent London Synod of the Anglican church. Welby has apparently decided not to leave Lambeth Palace, his official residence in London, and has requested police protection.

But the criminal syndicate known as Ndrangheta, which was publicly exposed by Kevin Annett and the Court as a major actor in child trafficking and murder connected to the Catholic church, is apparently planning a more deadly response.

According to a source in a Belgian police department,

"There are rumors that a price has been put on Annett's head by Ndrangheta. My contacts say it's being planned with the Holy Alliance" (the Vatican spy and assassination agency).

The Court is planning to release some of the key evidence that convicted the three church officials no later than September 1, 2014, when a Permanent Commission into Child Trafficking and Ritual Sacrifice will be established to dig deeper into the role of Ndrangheta and major banks in drug money laundering, child trafficking and murder.

A European representative of the Common Law Court, Melanie Vritschan, and Field Secretary Kevin Annett will be holding a global media interview soon to elaborate the evidence and respond to these new threats. Stand by for further updates and instructions.

Issued by The Public Information Office of The International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels

24 July, 2014, 3 pm GMT ,