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Newsletter 27 May 2014


1 - Flora News is dynamite

2 - Are Petitions ineffective ?


1 - This month’s Flora News is dynamite, and worthy of going viral around Australia, as well as printing out the back two pages, and having them signed en masse, then posted to every Politician, Minister, Councillor, Judge, Lawyer, Armed Thugs Corporate-Police), to remind them of the treason they are committing, and will have to face justice for in the very near future 

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2 - Here are some of the the reasons that Politicians, Council Staff, Public servants (fakes now), judges, Lawyers, Pastors and Police won’t listen to us. The main reason of course is their jobs and incomes are far more important to them than is your property.  People power can reverse this.

Please read it from beginning to end, give a copy to your neighbour, have your children take a copy to school, to put the teacher on notice.  Not one piece of the information supplied, can be denied, and the traitors cannot rebut one point - of the cold hard facts, In fact it was only last week that it became (FACT) not hearsay, that the corporate Government, has not allowed the signing of the UN human rights into law in Australia:  So-we have no Human rights ... we are slaves. The best slave is one who does not believe he is a slave ! 

You must become part of this fight, if not for yourself, think of your children and their children, for this is now truly a battle, we must win. In fact we now need a Mandate from the people to demand the politicians and the rest of the thieves rebut everything stated in the Flora News 26, point for point under a statement of truth and sign it  (being a personal Affidavit of truth, under oath) or step aside, and face justice.

Thieves ?  Yes to take anything from another without contract and/or mutual agreement is theft.  Thou Shalt Not Steal

Please forward and help it go viral to everyone you know, and ask those you send it to do the same.  (if it's not too much bother)

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