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27th October 2013

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How Banks Create Your Loan

THE LORD’S NAME  -  know it - learn to use it (in court too - more powerful than any "Act") 4 mins.

BEWARE OF FAKE FAKES This video is an original fake ? Apart from anything else, the sun (or moon) suddenly appears behind the buildings at 58 seconds into the video, but isn't there when
the video is ostensibly "replayed".  This is not a "professional enactment fake" by the media, it
is most likely a bedroom computer buff fake.


COURT APPEARANCES: People in court, ranting on about "flesh an blood - man on the Land etc" are being trapped by not knowing how to answer - in some cases, the judge stated that JOHN SMITH has failed to appear and has ordered his immediate arrest. Have copies of your Birth Cert  ready and present it to the judge and prosecutor -    " here is JOHN SMITH" thin as paper and cannot speak so I John Smith - flesh an blood - man on the Land will represent him - I have harmed no one and damaged no property" .....   up to you    

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