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Newsletter 15 May 2015

1 - Depopulation Test Run

2 - Australia: mandatory vaccines

3 - The U.N. Meddling with Religion

4 - Never heard of CERN ? 5 - Geelong Traffic police
6 -
Australia PM's Adviser Exposes Climate Change
7 - Stuff the Local Council parasites don't want you to know.

8 - A Beverage That Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy!
9 - Romans 10:9

1 - Depopulation Test Run
75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized Isn't that enough to make u mad to NOT have your children or grand children injected ????

2 - Australia: mandatory vaccines and the secret treaty

3 - The U.N. Meddling with Religion

The United Nations has been infused with the evil New Age religion of Theosophy which reveres Lucifer.The United Nations operates its own Meditation Room and Catholic chapel. with the evil New Age religion of Theosophy which reveres Lucifer. People who channel demons have done so inside of the UN headquarters in NYC

4 - Never heard of CERN ? Real Demonic Entities Caught On Film Passing Through Portals - You Will Not Believe What's Next! (Must-See Videos) | Prophecy - 3 videos I personally know Stan Deyo and I respect his knowledge of the super technology here

5 - GEELONG TRAFFIC POLICE. Is this merely revenue raising -  or a martial law practice run

6 - Australia PM's Adviser Exposes Climate Change As UN-Led Hoax to Create 'New World Order' Climate change is a trick used by the United Nations in a bid for world domination, according to Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s chief business advisor. The chairman of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council, Maurice Newman, made the allegations in a column published in the Australian on Friday.
Under the subheading, “The international body’s real agenda is a new world order under its control”, Mr Newman wrote that the real agenda behind the push for climate change action was “concentrated political authority”. “This is not about facts or logic,” he said.
“It’s about a new world order under the control of the UN. It is opposed to capitalism and freedom.”

7 -
Stuff the Local Council parasites don't want you to know. Do your homework people, There are ways of standing up against unlawful activities, and not being complicit in it. There is a rising in the people: "Enough is Enough" So join the share groups that are growing, keep the information moving. In fact start spreading the word. "WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK" and "OUR HUMAN RIGHTS" NOW. So STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS or LOSE THEM COMPLETELY.
Also: sonal+property+security Liens - the 'outlaws' of personal property security - Insolvency/Bankruptcy - Australia

8 - A Beverage That Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy! | Alternative

9 -  Romans 10:9  "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved".

When Paul wrote this verse to the Church in Rome, he certainly wasn't propagating a form of

"cheap grace-easy believeism" like that of the Easter Bunny or Santa

Claus...or the modern gospel that is taught today.

Today's so-called gospel is a self made idol merely named "Jesus Christ". You know, it's

like when someone names their pet after a famous person...the animal isn't REALLY the person...everyone knows that.  And so it goes with todays cheap grace gospel. It's not REALLY the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's just "named" after Him.

Today's Gospel, using the above verse, has cheapened and reduced the ACTUAL Gospel down to 4 points and a poem, followed by a repeat after me ceremony with coffee and donuts to

follow.  This phrase "believing in your heart" has been severely misrepresented in the way it is taught today. No, this isn't a formula or "a little prayer" that one is merely to "say" so they can "get saved," like a form of Hocus Pocus; then go and live like you always have.

Today, it is taught, no change is necessary because you said the magic words. No forsaking of sin is required because you muttered the proper incantational words and God has accepted the spell to protect you from the go and sin all you want.

People are trusting in a little prayer, prayed years ago, but are completely okay with the fact that absolutely NO change has occurred in their lives.

But yet they sincerely believe they have been Born Anew unto God...How can such a supernaturally charged seismic shift occur, but offer no proof or outer fruit of it's inner

workings?  But nevertheless, this is how it's taught today:

"For a limited time...get your FREE Christ! But wait...there's more: If you

mutter the magic prayer now...NO change is necessary! (Receive the cure

to the disease you're not even convinced you have)!"

The way salvation is touted about, it sounds more like an infomercial than

ANYTHING you'd find within the writings of first, second and third century Christianity.

Yes, salvation has been reduced to a formula and secret password by today's standards and methods of evangelism. Is this really what Paul had in mind when he penned his epistles? Well,

Romans 10:9 is the verse that this whole "ask Jesus into your heart"

teaching and practice supposedly originates from.

But I sincerely doubt our 21st century Gospel of Churchianity and easy believeism had any root

or grounding in what Paul or the early church practiced and believed.

"If you believe in your heart"...we must ask ourselves: just what is it to "believe in your heart"? Without reading 21st century teaching into a 1st century text, what did Paul mean by this?

Firstly, it's a belief that is so monumentally and catastrophically felt, realized and

internalized within the very core of man's soul, that it causes a cosmic shift, through the Power of Christ's Spirit to lead one unto "believing in their heart".

Whether He draws you first, or you draw near to Him, prompting His response, doesn't matter. Once a person is drawn TO or drawn BY God, something happens.

Once someone truly believes in their heart...Something otherworldly, divinely breathed and inspired happens.Something so cataclysmically cosmic and intrinsically forceful (but gentle) begins to happen in your very nature and soul. Your darkness, formlessness and emptiness is infiltrated. Where darkness was once on the face of the deep: the Spirit of God now broods.

A seismic shift perpetuates and God Himself begins to hover over the surface of the depth of your depravity. As if being in the pangs of labor itself, you all at once see SIN.

A sense of consciousness and self awareness of your own SIN implodes in

you, exposing the SIN that is grafted into your very nature.

This new birth, this new element that has you travailing in labor, causes a Divine shift that explodes, permeates and spreads to the four corners of the fabric of your being.

Every part of you; spirit, soul and body are touched. The spiritual-oxygen from the in-breathing and exhaling of God reaches every cell in your soul being. The very code of your DNA is seemingly are truly a new creature...A new creation...

A partaker of the Divine Nature.

Behold, all things have become new. ...Christ has been formed in you. Now everything makes perfect sense. The things you once loved, you now hate. The things you once hated, you now love. The grass, the trees, all appear greener. The birds sound like a host of angels singing, welcoming you into heaven itself. The sky, the stars, the moon, the sun...things you've seen a thousand times before; all present themselves as if you are seeing them for the first

time.  Alas! I was blind, but now I see.  I once was lost, but now I'm found!

Yes, everything makes perfect sense no longer feel empty, dark and void.

Life now has purpose, meaning and profundity. You feel light as air. You're gloriously exposed. For the first time ever, your conscience is clean, your love for sin is subdued and destroyed.

You Are Forgiven.

For without being shown SIN, forgiveness would hold no meaning.You are convinced you have the disease; because you now experience the cure and it's healing effects.

It's beneath the smile of His countenance, that the very TERROR and FEAR of The Lord is laid upon you. His Holiness is comprehended in beauty and fear... What a beautiful paradox!

It is here, at this undeniable death and sin slaying, life altering moment...that you confess with your mouth, before all men, that "Jesus Christ is Lord". Something has happened very deep in your soul, heart and mind.  This you cannot deny. This, you can NEVER completely walk away

 from. THIS is your experience and ALL of the world MUST know! What is TRULY "believed in the heart", will ultimately be "confessed" with the  mouth (what other choice do you have?!?).

You believe, because you can't deny what has happened in you! You must share! An inner law is now  written on your heart: Woe unto me if I don't preach the gospel!" It's not even an option...and you happily and joyfully share it: regardless of outward circumstances, obstacles, trials, hardships, persecutions  etc. The outward circumstances can never change what you have inwardly experienced.

A soul earthquake has occurred inwardly...manifesting it's effects outwardly. The outer cracks in what once was, has given testimony and witness to an undeniable event that has occurred inwardly. Just like an earthquake in the natural, when the earth shifts...something has shifted in you.THE SURFACE HAS GIVEN WITNESS TO THE HAPPENINGS OF THE INNER.

This is the "earthquake of the soul." God has shifted your soul...your outer being has no choice but to show the witness and testimony of what has inwardly occurred.

THIS IS WHAT IT IS TO "Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord". This is no cheap confession that lacks all inward and outward reality.


At this point, we begin to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). FEAR because God is so HIGH, HOLY and LIFTED UP. TREMBLING because of what has been revealed in us through the HIGH, HOLY and LIFTED UP inundation of light, that now encompasses us on all sides.  We are exposed by the light. The light has revealed our true condition in contrast to the salvation we have now gained.We TREMBLE not only

because of what we've been forgiven for...but because of what WE ARE CAPABLE OF.

For THAT we know, we must remain in a perpetual state of reliance upon the fearful strength of His might. How this makes a child of God tremble!THIS is what it looks like when Romans 10:9 is initiated unto authentic, real-time practice. This is what it looks like when God comes down and tabernacles Himself within. THIS is the cause to the effect of "Believing in your heart".

THIS is NOT the in-working and outworking of the gospel that is taught today. Why? Because the "gospel" of today has no in-working OR outworking. It's completely devoid of ANY profundity of practice, purpose, meaning or result. The gospel of today is a stripped down, superficial counterfeit of epically shallow proportions.


The "Sinner's Prayer" doesn't Biblically exist the way it's taught today. But the sinners Salvation

does. It's no formula, incantation, repeat after me-ism, fundamental, teaching or doctrine that can be muttered once without any expectation of change. It's a literal experience that will have legitimate side effects. It's an absolute reality that is undeniable to the true recipient and to all of those around.

I think of those poor souls who are repeating the words of their pastor, as they ashamedly,

halfheartedly, raise their hand to "receive salvation" from their pew then go on living as if nothing has happened. And why does nothing happen? Because...NOTHING HAPPENED.

THIS is the "salvation" of our day: A mere repeating of memorized words or a hand raised to half staff (I see that hand) Then to be told no change is "required"? As if you would have any choice in the matter if indeed you were truly saved! What have we done to the Gospel!

This is what I mean by "Cheap Grace". It's cheap because it's a knock-off of the real thing.

It's a counterfeit and imitation...but it's being sold and masqueraded about as the real

thing. This is deception and lies to the greatest of degrees.

This is why the true Gospel has little or no power today. Because the vast majority of the

folks who claim a "salvation experience" probably are false converts.