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Newsletter 20 April 2015

1 - The non aired 60 Minutes item re the banks foreclosing a farm from this 'fighting back' link you can click on link "farmer to farmer"
If you have been affected by farm foreclosure and would like to contact Rodney Culleton and a group of farmers taking action, visit or call 1300 193 756 (the number given)
If you think you are not affected now, whatcha gonna do when ALL food is imported from questionable sources and methods.

2 - I cannot vouch for this - A site with a form to get the doctor to sign as a waiver.. if you don't want to vaccinate.. ask him to sign..

3 -
Try not to laugh - The Reserve Bank is warning us about counterfeit notes - can you take it seriously ?
See it first - then check the facts here -

4 -
So you think you can Dance ?

5 - Some councils know many are are waking up to their blatant fraud and attempted extortion habits, so they are addressing the rates notice to John Smith instead of JOHN SMITH Their own Corporations Act (the same in all States) says in Sect 8 2-3a that their provision ...
does not operate so as to affect a private 'person's rights
and does not operate so as to impose a liability ... read it on the attachment here. are you John Smith or JOHN SMITH?

6 -
Fascinating = my 1944 Birth Certificate was hand written, It states in the column for my Christian Names that I was
not present ... really - well Mum sure knows I was present.
My parents 'family' name is in a different column

7- Can you imagine  ...



8- A man's best friend 1min 43sec

9 - The joys of fishing
52 seconds

10 -
Your Family History ... going back centuries (not a joke)
see the new items in the green box under the newsletters on top left of home page Pls read all of - Birth Certificate - some great ideas in parts 2 and 3