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1 - Turning hate into love in Australia

2 - Your Strawman
3 - Compulsory Voting
4 - Trespass onto your property
5 - The Brigalow Corporation
6 - Basa Fish beware

1 - Turning hate into love in Australia

2 - Most will know this, but is a good refresher - you may disagree with some parts, but don' throw the baby out with the bath water. There are 1000s of friends who know none of this SEND IT TO THEM It may well start them thinking

3 - The attachment (Voting letter) may assist you if you don't like the idea of Compulsory Voting. Don't hold your breath waiting for an honest answer from the Divisional Returning Officer of AEC in your town (get their name first)

Click here for letter

4 - Question
How can an issue of trespass onto private property become a constitutional matter?

Answer Trespass is in itself not mentioned in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted, but is a Common Law right which is guaranteed by the words “The Laws of Any State.” which are found in Clause 5 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted.

When people step outside the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted it's not a Constitutional problem it's a Criminal action.
Clause 5 (Operation of the Constitution and laws)
“This Act, and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth
under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people
of every State and of every part of the Commonwealth,
notwithstanding anything in the laws of any State ………. ”

5 - The Brigalow Corporation

Few are aware: but many are not, so we must keep refreshing the minds:

You have been deceived, lied-to and shafted big time, the next step is total slavery

For-While you were asleep, High treason was running rampant, (all done by Political Parties),

Your own kind sold you out to the big corporations.

We are going the same way as Greece, but by the time you understand this, it will be too late.

Read the following below-(not once but a few times) make sure you print it, and pass it on,

Then sit back and look real close at what’s happening here, not just in this State, but Australia wide,

Australia, one of the richest countries, but up to its eyeballs in debt: (how did that happen)

it was not spent on the people, as the people are paying more taxes, for less services now,

there is a pay freeze, (though councillors-politicians, don’t have to abide by pay freezes, in fact they retire like kings, at our expense)

food prices keep going up, services keep going up,

Rego-Licences, Permits, insurances, electricity, education, medical, keep going up, we are left with less and less money to pay for it,

every day a new law comes out to control us,

the sad thing is not many people are standing up and asking why, (so the tyrants keep taking)

it’s hard to believe we fell for it, but we did.

After all it was our fault for not having the balls to stand up to them, (the 1%) that we allow to control us, by acts of treason.

Below the article explains where it really went bad for us, but we were too busy spending the credit line that was offered to us, keeping us occupied, while the snakes moved in to take everything.

Soon all hell is going to break lose, but it will be too late, for the majority, as they will have lost everything to the Pigs at the trough.

An Overview of the Brigalow Corp Takeover of Australia

The Queensland Constitution 2001 / The Brigalow Corporation / The Removal of all Ownership Rights in QLD & all other states of Australia.


1. Queensland Constitution 1867 was rewritten with 114 Changes, 131 Additions and 116 Deletions.
all without consent of we the people
2. January 1998, QLD National Party documented a move to place the QLD Governor
in the Government as a Parliamentary Secretary under the QLD Constitution 1867 / Constitution (Parliamentary Secretaries) Act ©The State of QLD 1996.
3. This became official January 29 1999, the same day the QLD Constitution 1867 was reprinted.
4. Thus the Governor was no longer a sworn representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but a Public Servant of the QLD Government.
He was still using the Public Seal of the State on behalf of the Premier and Parliament of QLD and maintained the appearance of the Governor to the Sovereign People of the State.


1. In 1973, Gough Whitlam brought in the Queen of Australia through the adoption of the Royal & Parliamentary Titles Act 1927
2. This removed Queen Elizabeth II, Her Heirs and Assigns as enshrined in the Commonwealth of Australian Constitution Act (UK) 1900 and replaced the Crown with the Queen of Australia.
3. On the 19 December 1973, the Whitlam Government also removed the Great Seal of Britain from use and replaced it with the Great Seal of Australia.
4. In 1986, Bob Hawke brought in the Australia Act.
5. This is the Constitution of the new Parliament of Australia.
6. This is not the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900 of the People.
7. This act removed the ability of the UK Parliament to make laws for Australia, making Britain a foreign country. This was defined by the High Court in the case Sue v Hill 1999.


1. During the early 1990’s all important and relevant Acts were changed and framed, but were adjourned without a definite date of reprinting.
2. On 3 December 2001, the Queensland Constitution 2001 came into being.
3. On this day, this ACT became the “Fundamental Law of QLD”.
4. 7 June 2002, all the framed Acts were reprinted and became law.
QLD then became, at the completion of these matters, without the assent of any of the laws by the Crown or Her Representative, an independent sovereign State and fractured the common law and the separation of powers in that state.
6. 15 July 2002, The Corporations (Q) Act 1990 (Q) Reprint No 3 created in QLD a Corporate Government.
The State of Queensland Australia is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commissions under No. 0001244818.
7. The Queensland Treasury Corp is registered under No. 0000852555.
8. The old crowns lands act (Qld) was converted to the Land Act 1994 (Qld), and at section 4(1) the Land Administration Commission was renamed Brigalow Corporation.
9. The Land Act 1994 – Reprint No 10c, Part 7A, Section 506C states that the Corporation (Brigalow Corp) represents the Crown.
10. Culminating in the Beattie Govt introduction of the QLD Constitution 2001, QLD government administrations had reworked backward every piece of Federal and state legislation, removing any connection to and mention of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, British law and the Royal Seal of England.
11. These acts were then reworked forward, replacing the removed elements with the Queen of Australia (as created by the Whitlam Govt in 1973) and the Great Seal of both Australia and QLD.
12. This means that the legislation contained in those acts are now “governed” by the government of those Seals, not the government of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900.
13. The Australia Waste Lands Act 1855 was reprinted in 1996 under the Seal of QLD, and because the Queen of Australia was also now sealed with the Seal of QLD, this effectively created a QLD “ownership” of all Crown land in Australia.
14. And as the introduction of the Corporations (Q) Act 1900 (Q) Reprint No 3 had created a Corporate Govt, this effectively meant all Crown land “ownership” was now under the control of the Qld Corporation, known as the Brigalow Corp.
15. All Crown land, assets and infrastructure in Australia including schools, hospitals, roads, etc are subject to and responsible to the Ministers of the State of QLD as cited at Chapter III of the QLD Constitution 2001.
All Sovereign People are now persons under the Corporation, All persons are chattel ( a piece of property that is moveable).
17. Their land, bank accounts and all items of ownership are now assets under the Brigalow Corporation.
18. The Supreme Court, the District Courts and the Magistrate’s Courts are now inside the Parliament of the State of QLD, and as such must obey the QLD Constitution 2001.
19. The Australian Constitution, the Common Law & Equity, the High Court and the Federal Government no longer have any superior governance over the State of QLD.
20. The State of QLD and the Sovereign People of QLD have only Civil and Statute Law in this state.
As private ownership cannot exist under Civil and Statute Law, all private equity and inheritance in the State is now the property of “the State”.


Under the civil law system, which is now subject to the Uniform Civil Procedures Rules of the Supreme Court Act 1991(Qld), every person is guilty until they prove their innocence.
2. The Common Law has been repealed from the Supreme Court Act 1995 (Q), Reprint No. 2, reprinted as in force 2 March 2001 © State of Q 2001
3. This states that the
Governor in Council may make rules of court under this act for the Supreme Court, District court, Magistrates Court, registries and other matters mentioned in Schedule 1
4. Schedule 1 has jurisdiction over the civil, criminal and appellate courts, Parties & Proceedings, Defence, Service of Documents, Pleadings, Disclosure, Preservation of Rights & Property, Ending Proceedings Early, Court Supervision, Evidence, Jurisdiction of Judicial Registrars, Trails & Other Hearings, Particular Proceedings, probate, Contempt of Court, Vexatious Proceedings, Trusts, Costs, Appeals etc, Money Orders Enforcement, Foreign Judgment Enforcements, Corporations, Miscellaneous.
5. Therefore the Governor in Council now makes all the Rules of the Court for these matters.
6. The Queensland Constitution 2001 Chapters 1 & 2 refer to the Legislative Assembly and the Governor. In Chapter 3, Part 1, sect 27 – “
The Governor in Council is the Governor acting with the advice of Executive Council.”
7. Sect 30 – “The Constitution Act 1867 contains provisions about the office of Governor. At Chapter 3, Part 4, sect 48, those “appointed as members…by the Governor…..”
8. This Executive council is given separate law makings Powers of the State at Chapter 3, Part 5, Sect 51, where is states, the Executive Government of the State of QLD (the “State) = The State may exercise its powers……
9. In Chapter 3, Part 5, Sect 55 (1) – “A minister may delegate a power of the State to an appropriately qualified officer of the State.” (“officer of the state” means – a chief executive………………….)
Therefore the Premier of QLD must always be the leader of the Executive Body and is now the Executive Leader of the Parliament of QLD.
11. Simply put – the Premier is delegated the power through his role as Chief Executive. This power controls the Executive Government of QLD. The Governor acts on the advice of the Executive Government.
12. Therefore the Premier is now the “Crown” in Queensland.


1. All government tiers, including Local Council are now inside the Parliament of the State of QLD.
2. The public officials are not public officials of “the Crown” but public officials of “the State” of QLD


1. The British colonies in Australia were all independent, under military law.
2. In 1885, the independent states had interstate agreements for trade, etc under the Federal Councils of Australasia Act 1855.
3. As free settlers began to grow, the People decided to unite under 1 form of government.
4. 10 years of conventions and referendums culminated in the Draft Constitution of the People which went to England for ratification.
5. On July 9 1900, Queen Victoria signed the amended draft Constitution and returned it to Australia.
6. At this point a final referendum was required to acquire the agreement of the people to this amended Constitution.
7. This was not done,
the heads of each independent colony instead agreed FOR AND ON BEHALF of the People.
8. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) was the result, brought into Australian law on 1 January 1901.
9. The first 8 clauses are British law.
10. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution starts at clause 9.
11. The Constitution lays out the rules and regulations under which Parliament may administer government to the People.
12. There are no entities known as a Prime Minister or a Premier to be found in the Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia 1900 (UK).
13. As the Preamble states, the People agreed to be united under one indissoluble Commonwealth.
14. Therefore the people are the Commonwealth.
15. The Commonwealth is defined in the Constitution as a State.
16. Therefore the People of the Commonwealth are their “own” state.
Section 117 states, verbatim, that the People governed by the Queen (of the Constitution), and members of a state (of the Commonwealth), cannot have their rights removed by another state (that perhaps being the state they physically live in), WITHOUT
18. Section 128 – A REFERENDUM
19. There has been no Referendum of the Sovereign People to approve any of these moves. This means they are Ultra vires, an act beyond the powers or authority of the government.

It appears that the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) 1900, ratified on 1 January 1901 is an act of the heads of the independent colonies of the Australian dominion, which means that the Constitution of the People is still a draft document.

As the people had formally agreed to this document, all state and federal government in Australia are in fact, a foreign entity to the rights of the people of the Commonwealth.

As our land ownership is a Deed in Trust and Equity with the Queen of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution (UK) 1900, a foreign government has no lawful right to step inside that Deed and remove rights inherent in it.

In order to do so, government have created registration processes that manipulate our agreement. They have also created a new jurisdiction known as the Environment, with which they have enslaved the People as a plural, thereby creating legislation which enforces the People as an individual.

However, they have not asked our permission to create the form of government under which they now legislate OVER the People.

Remember that the first 8 clauses of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted cannot be changed, even by Referendum


6 - Basa is sold widely in Australia as “Fish and Chips” in Woollies, Coles, IGA and fish + chips shops lovely stuff

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