Must see – Responses to Romley’s video – No wonder Lucifer is winning ?

Responses to Romley’s video   

see below  ..  but first think about this for a moment …


If you lived in England in Sept 1940 when the bombs began falling – you had 2 choices – sit on the hills or hide in the pews and wait to be “raptured” out of what seemed like impossible odds,  OR  you could do what many others did – they built Spitfires. 

If you were a young Australian man at that time – you could have easily said – “what can I do against the Japanese Army threatening Australia, I’ll just hide and wait ’til it’s over”

Of course we all know that wars are Bankers and Politicians wars –

however, when a man and his family and his society is under attack we must face that reality.  What if your neighbour’s house is on fire, or the council is about to take his home for rates, can you really say, “it’s nothing to do with me”?

What if a burgular/rapist/thief is bursting into his or your home – do you call for help from anywhere – or just say  “duh … it’s all in God’s plan”   Is it really ? … be honest.   He has warned us about filthy morals and lifestyles, wrong agriculture and medicine, and a host of things so that we may have “life more abundant”  both here and now and in the future –

Nearly all that we call “evil” is a result of what we do.  The Father does not interfere with anyone’s free will and choices – but we will suffer the consequences of sin and ignorance, both personally and nationally.  And you can’t get away with – “all that legal and political stuff is too hard – it’s hurts my brain –  I’m not interested and I’m too busy chasing the material things which are worthless in the long run” and “I gotta drive 200 km next weekend to have lunch at a seaside restaurant. I haven’t got time to watch a video or learn any of that stuff”   It’s me . me . me !


You may wonder why Wayne Glew seems to be doing nothing lately ?  simple … Wayne put all he has on the line and exposed so much corruption for you to see and learn from .  He asked you all to write to the Privy Council and even gave you a template letter – did you sent it ??

I also sent out the Charge Sheet  template several times to thousands of you, so you can actively lay criminal charges against all and any Govt, Council or Bank staff – did you do it ? 

I am also well aware that some people have had a “win”  in court, by being super well prepared, got a reasonable judge, and a dumb prosecutor, and had their case dismissed … mainly because the judicial system cannot allow a precedent.   But …

Luke 12  For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.




Here are a few responses in no special order to Romley’s video  – LANGUAGE OF BABYLON

1 – The very first reply was from a mature age pastor … Larry, I have no interest in this ridiculous video which is playing hard rock music while some person walks around in a muddled/dazed state of mind.   Please do not send any more of these kind of idiotic videos.  thanks.   Note – ridiculous and idiotic … hmm

2 – G’day Larry   Please tell the Pastor to conduct due diligence.  Romley has good reason to be all over the shop, he is up against the Father of all Lies and his Minions, perhaps the Pastor is in denial. I would be looking over my shoulder if I had endured what Romley has.  And to say that he is walking around in a muddled dazed state of mind, try making a video as a service to others without a script. This is an insult to his efforts to make people aware of what has and is actually happening today, where the walking dead never realize that the Government killed them at Birth and trade on their Probated Estate all their life … Kindest regards Graeme

Interesting – no response from any other pastor – either they cannot read,  or are part of it.

3 – From Ralph, Layman
Larry, Thank you so much for the great video. It is the very best that I have had the pleasure to view. I have been heavily involved in the patriot movement going back to the early 1980’s. I forwarded the video to everyone on my mailing list and told them this is a must view and to share it with family and friends. The presentation was top notch and so easy to follow and understand this demonic system that has kept our people dumbed down and stuck in the box and/or matrix. I will send this video presentation to others.  All roads lead to Rome who gave us religio aka religion and religion is nothing but slavery. The places called churches are nothing but Baal worshiping houses and have absolutely nothing to do with our faith which is based on the commandments, laws and statutes of YHVH our Saviour and Redeemer and there is no other God beside him as he doesn’t share his glory with another.  Isaiah 33:22  says it all.  May YHVH bless and protect you and your calling and teaching our people the truth in simplicity and understanding of who is Babylon ..  Ralph

4 – On 19/10/2019, Kevin M wrote:

I watched it right through and thought it a very good informative presentation.

Regarding stupid replies to that video, I got this stupid comment on another matter –  Economic and Physical slavery   “And it is the fear of losing assets, coupled with the struggle to keep up with the perpetual debt and inflation inherent in the system, compounded by the inescapable scarcity within the money supply itself created by the interest that can never be repaid, that keeps the wage slave in line, running on the hamster wheel with the millions of others, in effect powering an empire that truly benefits only the elite at the top of the pyramid. For, at the end of day, who are you really working for? The banks. Money is created in a bank and invariably ends up in a bank. They are the true masters, along with corporations and governments they support.

Physical slavery requires people to be housed and fed. Economic slavery requires the people to feed and house themselves. It is one of the most ingenious scams for social manipulation ever created and, at its core, it is the invisible war against the mankind. Debt is the weapon used to conquer and enslave societies and interest is its prime ammunition.   And, as the majority walks around oblivious to this reality, the banks, in collusion with governments and corporations, continue to perfect and expand their tactics of economic warfare, spawning new bases such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund while also inventing a new type of soldier, the birth of the economic hit man. 

5 – I believe and support what Romley says. Some others will never see the truth, because they are so muddled up themselves, under the spell of this modern day “worship” (entertainment) church movement that is glossed up as “Christian”. This so called “pastor” reveals his own delusion by his comments, and I have no objection if you wish to pass on my comments to him … Ian S.

6 – I have heard something similar on many occasions before, and it sounds authentic to what I have also seen and heard. I would point out that a common reason why Satan gains access to his victim is in the fact that he, (Satan) has been “allowed” to do so, and gained or resulted from what the victim has done, and also sometimes what their ancestors have done. A short answer or remedy:  confession and renunciation to remove the right of access of Satan. … Ian R.

7 – I totally agree – so many churches have watered down truth and knowledge while focusing on entertaining their sheep. Kind regards  … Louise

8 – Funny that a Pastor does not see the point, but a layman does? … Leonce

9 – A response to the Repossession video sent 19/10/2019


Hi Larry – It’s great to see your passion on this subject. I think a lot of people (within certain circles) already know this information and many of them, including myself have tried and failed with the system.  What people are really seeking is the ‘golden key’, the method, the remedy, call it what you will, to escape this system. Do you have anything available on this note that is, tried and tested methods, sure wins?   If the Government are so corrupt and there are no methods that work, then I can see why people just give up OR sit on the side, like I do, because we have families and are not prepared to go to jail.   What else can we do? …    Mike J              Mike – your answer is in No 6


10 – Indeed.  Who will test it and show that all mortgages are a fraud, ‘cos there was no full disclosure.  And what pastor will teach his flock  about money, while possibly half of them live off usury or play the stock market ? … Kevin


Do you really want your brain fried –












simply  explained by Romley: Stewart

This will be of no interest to people who are a willing part, or approve of the massive corruption in Churches, Banks and Government, as well as rates and taxes of every kind, lawful or not.

Also repeated here in case Ytube removes it

5G 5G 5G 5G 5G 5G5 5G 5G 5G

5G is coming if we allow it








Can Demons possess anyone ?

Twice in my life I have witnessed something similar to what’s on this video … there will be many more happenings daily … You can handle demons easily IF you have accepted Christ as your Saviour and have a clean heart.   For possession to happen there must be acceptance – whether you do it consciously (to get power or wealth) or while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, electronic devices or …

There is no place here for silly churchianity nor doctrinal bickering.

The Bible warns us all, under no circumstance to allow ourselves to become part of this Last Days technological horror of AI —  even if we must be martyred, or starve or freeze to death from not having access to the money system unless we get ‘wired’ with smart phones etc.  Don’t do it.  The Bible calls the resulting experience, ‘a strong delusion’ and it will be impossible to retreat or back out from it once entered into.   It will steal away your souls, your minds, your sanity.  It will steal away any hope for an eternity with God.   God promises to those who love and serve Him ‘Power, love and a sound mind.’   Those who are taken captive and wired or WIFIed up into Artificial Intelligence will pay by becoming robots for Satan, driven by hate and insanity and a thinking that they themselves have become God.  The Bible warns about this so strongly, that anyone who goes ahead and does it anyway, really won’t have much excuse for doing so!  

It won’t be very smart to say … I’ll wait and see … and just after your death to say .. go away, I don’t believe in you ..  It’s not like we haven’t all heard this before.  It’s not like there are no Bibles to be had, and no computers to read what God has to say about these Last Days we are living in now.

In Matt 24  6-14,  Yeshua tells us about wars and rumours of wars etc and He will return after the Gospel is preached to to whole world … And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. Thanks to the internet, it is so today and millions hear it.  see full text below

FEAR (ie – respect) GOD:  We cannot wish Hell away.  Hell is real, and the Bible says it’s real, and scripture says “Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.”   Fearing God is a good thing, and we need to fear Him more, not less.  Inventing our own gods who are just nice guys who wouldn’t hurt a flea – is idolatry.   We are to seek the true and living God the Father, the Creator of Heaven and the Earth, who is righteous, just, but also merciful and holy to those who repent and turn from sin and evil and submit their lives to Him, to our Creator God.  If we want to invent our own god in our own mind, we’ll find out, that such a god is an idol, a lie, a fake, and cannot save us: such thinking will damn us to Hell.

Trying to wish Hell away is foolish.  It won’t work. 

Matthew 25:41 is clear at the judgement: Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

Better to acknowledge Hell is real, and a clear and present danger to any of our souls, as Jesus taught and warned repeatedly.  Jesus does not lie.  Some things are not open for debate or in need of figuring out.  They just are what they are.  Unless we have a mistaken idea that Truth is whatever we want it to be, we should be able to accept that we’re here for a test, not a dress rehearsal, and to fail the test is the worst thing that could happen to any of us.  God is the author of Truth, and not us.  We cannot just wish away what we don’t like or want.   Our job is to seek and find (and embrace) the Truth – not try to invent it like some sorcerer or invoker or some delusional person who thinks they have god-like powers to manufacture or invent truth just by willing it to be so.

More –

Matt 24   And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.













Solar hot water – No solar Panels – No batteries

This 120 litre model is good for 2 people

120 litre

Quote M20 to get the special price of  $900 … plus freight to you.
This price includes a small
electric circulation pump as well – or gravity feed can be enough.

Contact Maggie   email

0428 304 337

I have this system for 4 years – no problems – even on overcast days you get warm water – except for a few very cold sunless days a year.  Full sun days give almost boiling water within a couple of hours from sunrise. Very well insulated to keep water hot overnight … Larry

Good stuff Larry.
I have had one of these for 9 years, except its a 24 tube 240litre model. I have a family of 5 with 2 teenagers.  I used $10.50 (47.5kw/h) over a 12 month period (boosting the water during winter) $10.50 for 1 years hot water!
Cheers … Daniel














What is fake news ??

I find it sad that when some article has been circulated and then found out to be deliberately fake news, there are howls of “you’re a conspiracy nutter” hurled from the inert throng, many of whom probably attend the Church of Inertia ?  Yet such people will frantically seek to accumulate as much fake “money” as they can by any means, fair or foul, including collecting usury.


On Oct 14 mail out I asked whether an article about Obama was fake or true – I wrote   Report that Obama has been executed = Fake News ?   who can know, but many military do.  The original long video containing many subjects has been shortened as it contains USA things and politicians with whom we are not familiar. I DID NOT SAY IT WAS TRUE – I ASKED THE QUESTION


Now this one has been sent to me – it says

Well, ‘the jury is still out’ on this one 

Who knows ??    


and here’s another bit of “news”– maybe this is fake,fake ??   – Hi Larry – Trump is up to something, and now he says that he wants Hillary to run in 2020 so her record can be made available. He’s her friend. Regardless of which of them wins in 2020, we will be betrayed.

Well that poses a problem too  – Hillary is supposed to be dead, or a “clone”   yeah eh ? maybe your local postman is a clone too ?? Maybe we must all wait until the little green men arrive ??   


Here is a FB article –  from California, so I’m told


This is the first photo to surface from the recent 10/11/19 California fires, the exact location still to be determined.
One thing for sure is, the fire shown in this photo did NOT result from a natural forest fire!  Zoom in, notice the surrounding green trees untouched by fire?
Do you notice the untouched homes directly behind the burnt homes? This is one of many photos soon to come all which will prove DEW, Direct Energy Weapons, were used to kill thousands.   Don’t forget PG&E cut off power to nearly a million people just days before this false flag fire was carried out!
Don’t forget the people were warned there would be fires days ahead of time only further proving this was pre planned for 10/11/19 aka 911


To check this, just ask a friend who lives in that area to verify.  Heaps of pics like this one.

cars 3

Cars-1-740x493A row of burned vehicles are seen on Skyway during the Camp Fire in Paradisecars 5

Eph 5.11







It’s just a matter of time until you won’t be able to buy real food, if at all.

It’s just  a matter of time until you won’t be able to buy real food, if at all.   This video is stunning and revolutionary, and expands your vision in agriculture … The little girl Alicia Serratos is the OPPOSITE of the Greta Thunberg nonsense.

and related to that is – California blackouts expose the scams of solar panels: They don’t work when the grid goes down total










Obama executed report + Scott Morrison knows about 5G

Video : No 1 is heavy going – to equip the serious

No 2  – Essential if you care about your children  

No 3 – Report that Obama has been executed

Scott Morrison knows about 5G  report – from JaneI found out today: the 5g in Scomo’s Street was temporarily stopped because the neighbour friend of Scomo’s wife, got her to watch  the video 5g apocalypse and she got Scomo to watch it too.  So if he temporarily stopped it, then he must think it is bad! So he has been informed, why can’t a simple legal process occur such as deliver the information about 5g danger from credible sources via registered post, now you have proof he has been notified, then he does nothing, then sue the bugger for whatever – breaking his oath to the people or whatever the enshrinement or documentation of his duty of care is …  Ray Broomhall (successful 5g lawyer) is now busy putting out spot fires – people clamouring to have “their” tower stopped.  I know because I am good friends with the lady who liaises with him in relation to 5g … Jane 

Interesting that since his visit to USA, Scomo is now telling the UN – Australia first. Lets hope he has the courage to follow it thru and make Gillard and Bishop and others get back the $millions given to Clinton and the UN etc.

Trump knows – If you watched his speech at the UN – he essentially said USA will not support it any more … he is becoming more aware of what he is up against … hardly the speech of a clone as some allege on hearsay – who but the enemy would want us to think that way?. I looked at a photo of me 40 years ago, not the same man … hmm … I guess I must be a clone  ?

Shorten knows – that we the people are sick of his leftie extremism agenda, climate hoax and more taxes.

Some pastors are waking up

Richard Footly knows –Footly is 1 in 3 who has done the hard yards and know the importance of correct spelling – While away on a business trip, he wrote to his wife – “all is going well, I wish you were her.”

A 17m video on how dumb some people are

Excellent 10m climate video from Andrew Bolt

California Power Blackout













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