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Wayne  – 15 Jan 2020 – Really good      Item 5 on


Because of the droughts and fire – we will have food shortages and high prices. Better to start storing Food and ammo ?

Luke 22.36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse (money) let him take it and likewise his scrip (Bible): and he that hath no sword (gun), let him sell his garment, and buy oneNow before you run to Matt 26.52  Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.  Peter was defending Yeshua in the garden.  He told Peter to put his sword away cos it would interfere with the real reason for Christ’s sacrifice.  How come the apostles carried swords anyway ?

Now back to the imminent food shortages. Remember that supermarkets and warehouses hold less than 1 week supplies.

food scenes.jpg

Death by Fire & Water Starvation

Are we in the End Times now, just waiting for the First Seal to be opened ?  If so, I believe massive Quakes world wide will be the start.    First Trumpet ?

The Canberra Mob  has already put big prison style fencing around government buildings, they have issued new full automatic weapons to police and advised them to sweep terrorism from the streets.

The real terrorists who live by the sword ??

food 5

Are they getting ready to fight the will of the people and use war as a tool of control ?

There will be many more fires across Australia unless the Father intervenes because of 2nd Chronicles 7.14 – it’s up to you.

Greens responsible for fuel for the massive fires. Bob Carr, Bob Brown and other greens cohorts criminalised back burning national parks and other areas from about 1995 to beyond 2005 and its come back to bite us .

'Pillage and plunder, yes...but don't harm the environment.'

Here is factual evidence that Australia has been manipulating the weather since 1945.

Below link to US list of patents going back to 1907

Extensive List of PATENTS » Extensive List of PATENTS


8/8/2012 – For anyone doubting the existence of the phenomenon of geoengineering/weather modification, please read through this extensive list of patents from America on equipment and processes used in just such programs. The evidence is clear. United States Patent and Trademark Office.







Save your Farm and Be Fined $100,000

1 – Building the Nullabor Railway debt free and interest free

2 – Aluminum From Chemtrails Make Fires Burn Much Hotter

3 – Attention Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

4 – Cops raid Mike Holt’s home

5 – Farmer Fined $100,000 for saving his Home.


1 – Building the Nullabor Railway debt free and interest free


2 – Aluminum From Chemtrails Make Fires Burn Much Hotter


3 – Attention Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

4 – Cops raid Mike Holt’s home

CLICK HERE to listen

Mike writes – I had a bit of a shock on January 8, 2020.  Eight cops raided my home with a search warrant by a Melbourne Supreme Court judge.

They stormed into my place while I wasn’t there, telling my teen daughter they were coming in. Not knowing any better she opened the door.   They searched my office and took (stole?) my iphone, computer, ipad, hard drives and a number of documents … I was forced to go out and buy a new phone and computer just so that I can continue the fight … and continue the fight I will !  No arrest … they were just fishing … It won’t do them any good. There is nothing incriminating on anything.  Don’t ask me what they were looking for, or me to tell you more. I’ve been officially gagged by the court.

I’m still here, still fighting, and even more determined now to win this fight to get back to our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 and English Common Law.  This attack on our rights and freedoms by an unlawful political party criminal enterprise posing as a “government” has gone on long enough. We the People are backed into a corner … and that means we have become very dangerous top them. Someone without anything to lose is the most dangerous enemy of all.

Cheers … Mike Holt
This is the picture that accompanied my announcement on Facebook just after the raid.


5 – Farmer Fined $100,000 for saving his Home.

Greens Agenda  Causes Fatalities.  They have even prosecuted people for making their own private property fire breaks, put them before the courts, tried them with legislation composed by the Green philosophy most have been fined and some have been sent to jail.

All just want to protect their families, their homes and their livelihoods.  Such as Mr Sheahan who is still angry about his prosecution, which cost him $100,000 in fines and legal fees. Mr Sheahan cleared trees up to 100 metres away from his house. “The local councillors stood up in court and made us to look like the worst, wanton environmental vandals on the earth. We have thousands of trees on our property. We cleared about 247 trees,” he said.

100k 1

Without this Fire Break his family and home would have been lost. He had to face a Court prosecution and $100,000 fine to survive.  Although Liam Sheahan’s 2002 decision to disregard planning laws and bulldoze 250 trees on his hilltop property hurt his family financially and emotionally, he believes it helped save them and their home on the weekend. “The house is safe because we did all that,” he said as he pointed out his kitchen window to the clear ground where tall gum trees once cast a shadow on his house. ”We have the proof right here. We are the only house standing in a two-kilometre area.” Mr Sheahan was prosecuted and it cost him $100,000.

Another Case – Save Your Farm Build a Fire Break and Be Fined a Million Dollars.   Many other land holders have been fined just recently the largest fine to date has impacted on Mr Michael Baker who,  despite receiving conflicting advice from several different Queensland Government staff, has just resulted in a Queensland landowner being forced to pay $999,780 in fines and costs.
Michael Vincent Baker of Chess Park, Eidsvold Qld, was found guilty in the Brisbane Magistrate Court of the unauthorised clearing. Mr Baker representative solicitor Mr Marland said “that before Mr Baker commenced the clearing in question, he contacted 32 different Government employees seeking advice on the acceptable width of fire breaks. He said he received conflicting advice ranging from 1.5 metres wide to “1.5 times the height of the tallest tree”.

This fire break cost the farmer a million dollars from a prosecution and even then, its too small to stop a Crown fire.

“The Vegetation Management Act (VMA) provided an exemption for clearing remnant vegetation if the clearing was to establish a fire break, and provided the break was “no more than 20 metres wide or 1.5 times the height of the nearest vegetation”.

The Act also allowed for “the clearing necessary” to remove or reduce the imminent risk that the vegetation poses of serious personal injury or damage to infrastructure.”
Mr Baker was motivated to construct effective fire breaks because his 9242 hectare property Chess Park was almost totally burnt out by bushfire soon after he bought the property in May 2011. The fires caused $300,000 worth of damage to property infrastructure.”

Department of Natural Resources and Mines Director-General James Purtill said  “The fine handed down reflects the significant extent of the illegal clearing and Mr Baker’s deliberate actions despite direct warnings given to him by the department,” Mr Purtill said.
Queensland strikes a balance between enabling landowners to get on with managing their businesses by sensibly clearing appropriate vegetation, and protecting our environment.”

I believe that Mr James Purtill should be taken and wired to a tree before an oncoming bushfire with a 1.5 metre firebreak in front of him, before he can judge Mr Baker or anyone else’s firebreak distance especially as this was on Mr Baker’s property.


All of the Greens Party all of the green bureaucrats who sit and pontificate in government departments, all of the Green teachers in our schools and universities, all of our politicians who seek the Green votes all should be taken with Mr Purtill and wired to trees. Let them feel the super heated air burning the hairs in their noses and the back of their throats when its still 30 metres away, of course when it gets closer and sucks out the air from their lungs the oxygen burns brightly and fry’s them in their own body fat.

Let them really know how it feels to die, by the hands of local government Green legislation in the same way that they have imposed it on innocent people who have died in the last few weeks and those that are still to die before this Green legislation has been rectified.
The ABC ad SBS are missing-in-action when it comes to standing up for the farmers who are forced to pay tax to keep the billion dollar big-government propaganda-machine running.







Wayne + Phone warning + Chemtrails 1967 + UFO drones

1 – Wayne Glew – 12 Jan 2019  Item 4 on


2 – Why you should stay away from cheap Chinese phones (and cameras)


3 – Chem trails in Victoria since 1967


4 – Weird: Armies Of Unidentified Drones Are Appearing Over The Western U.S. At Night, And It Is Really Freaking People Out


5 – The World in one Chart

World in a single chart – Aug 21 2019


115 years ago – Now tell me fires are caused by climate ?

The Bush Fire      By Henry Lawson, 1905

Ah, better the thud of the deadly gun, and the crash of the bursting shell,
Than the terrible silence where drought is fought out there in the western hell;
And better the rattle of rifles near, or the thunder on deck at sea,
Than the sound — most hellish of all to hear — of a fire where it should not be.
On the runs to the west of the Dingo Scrubs there was drought, and ruin, and death,
And the sandstorm came from the dread north-east with the blast of a furnace-breath;
Till at last one day, at the fierce sunrise, a boundary-rider woke,
And saw, in the place of the distant haze, a curtain of light blue smoke.
There is saddling-up by the cockey’s hut, and out in the station yard,
And away to the north, north-east, north-west, the bushmen are riding hard.
The pickets are out and many a scout, and many a mulga wire,
While Bill and Jim, with their faces grim, are riding to meet the fire.
It roars for days in the hopeless scrubs, and across, where the ground seems bare,
With a cackle and hiss, like the hissing of snakes, the fire is travelling there;
Till at last, exhausted by sleeplessness, and the terrible toil and heat,
The squatter is crying, ‘My God! the wool!’ and the farmer, ‘My God! the wheat!’
But there comes a drunkard (who reels as he rides), with the news from the roadside pub: —
‘Pat Murphy — the cockey — cut off by the fire! — way back in the Dingo Scrub!’
‘Let the wheat and the woolshed go to — — ‘ Well, they do as each great heart bids;
They are riding a race for the Dingo Scrub — for Pat and his wife and kids.
And who is leading the race with death? An ill-matched three, you’ll allow;
Flash Jim the breaker and Boozing Bill (who is riding steadily now),
And Constable Dunn, of the Mounted Police, is riding between the two
(He wants Flash Jim, but the job can wait till they get the Murphys through).
As they strike the track through the blazing scrub, the trooper is heard to shout:
‘We’ll take them on to the Two-mile Tank, if we cannot bring them out!’
A half-mile more, and the rest rein back, retreating, half-choked, halfblind;
And the three are gone from the sight of men, and the bush fire roars behind.
The Bushman wiped the tears of smoke, and like Bushmen wept and swore;
‘Poor Bill will be wanting his drink to-night as never he did before.
‘And Dunn was the best in the whole damned force!’ says a client of Dunn’s, with pride;
I reckon he’ll serve his summons on Jim — when they get to the other side.
It is daylight again, and the fire is past, and the black scrub silent and grim,
Except for the blaze of an old dead tree, or the crash of a falling limb;
And the Bushmen are riding again on the run, with hearts and with eyes that fill,
To look for the bodies of Constable Dunn, Flash Jim, and Boozing Bill.
They are found in the mud of the Two-mile Tank, where a fiend might scarce survive,
But the Bushmen gather from words they hear that the bodies are much alive.
There is Swearing Pat, with his grey beard singed, and his language of lurid hue,
And his tough old wife, and his half-baked kids, and the three who dragged them through.
Old Pat is deploring his burnt-out home, and his wife the climate warm;
And Jim the loss of his favourite horse, and Dunn his uniform;
And Boozing Bill, with a raging thirst, is cursing the Dingo Scrub —
He’ll only ask for the loan of a flask and a lift to the nearest pub.
Flash Jim the Breaker is lying low — blue-paper is after him,
And Dunn, the trooper, is riding his rounds with a blind eye out for Jim,
And Boozing Bill is fighting D.Ts. in the township of Sudden Jerk —
When they’re wanted again in the Dingo Scrubs, they’ll be there to do the work.






Wayne + Handling a judge + 2nd Coming delay + Iran

1 – Wayne –exposes the fraud of Fed Govt giving $$ to illegal Councils  13 mins

Item 3 on  https://larryhannigan.com/government-federal/62-wayne-2020-time-to-act/

Heads in sand

2 – Iranians are white and Aryan people, true Adamites  3.5 mins


3 – 2nd Coming – why the delay ?


4 – A Warning for your protection.


5 – How to handle a judge.  8 mins


6 – Treason by a past State Premier

Queensland is a constitutional monarchy with the Queen as head of state, and the Governor is the Queen’s representative in Queensland. The Queen must personally sign the Governor’s document of appointment, and this document,  the Governor’s commission, is sealed with the Public Seal of the State.  (Comment – This Public Seal of the State was created for the Company (the “State”) trading as Queensland Government. NO Crown nor Constitutional Authority.  … also proof of TREASON.)


(This paragraph is TREASON)  – At present Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Australia. The oath or affirmation (detailed in Schedule 1 to the Constitution) reflects the Queen’s title as “lawful Sovereign of Australia”. The “Public Seal of the State” is the seal that demonstrates the Sovereign’s authority in Queensland. The Executive Government of the State of Queensland (the “State”) has all the powers, and the legal capacity, of an individual. Fundamentally, it is the executive which in this democracy appoints the Judges. 

Peter Beattie Signature

Signed by Peter Beattie









Photo of DEW attack – NSW

DEW = Directed Energy Weapon

A NSW Rural Firefighter from WANTAGONG Rural Fire Service took a pic of DEW attack, these are added to the photographic evidence of how our Bushfires may have been initiated and/or intensified.


Will NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons comment on this strange beam in the sky at a fire


Google  WANTAGONG Rural Fire Service for updates














200 fire starters arrested + Greenies harass firemen + Agenda 21 is here + 5g not safe

Nearly 200 People Arrested Across Australia For Deliberately Starting Bushfires

Nearly 200 People Arrested Across Australia For Deliberately Starting Bushfires

Did you see any of these people helping to stop any fires ?

Greenies 1

Operation Torch Australia

OPERATION TORCH AUSTRALIA: A Special Report on the Geoengineered Firestorms and DEW-triggered Arson Fires


Operation Torch Australia: A Special Report On The Geoengineered Firestorms And DEW-triggered Arson Fires


Speaking to the media in Sydney, Mr Morrison allegedly said there was “a need to address issues around hazard reduction for national parks, dealing with land clearing laws, zoning laws and planning laws around people’s properties and where they can be built in countries like Australia, up and down the coast”.

This is straight out of the United Nations Agenda 2030 Playbook. This is a carbon copy of what was done to the people of California.  Australia’s loss of sovereignty and it’s unholy marriage to the United Nations and it’s Treaties – is now staring us in the face!

No doubt that Local Council staff will be rubbing their hands with glee with new “laws”.   I see on the News that the ATO will defer tax payments for 2 months for fire victims – WOW,  and  I wonder how many rates notices will be ceased for those victims ?

Interesting – items being removed

a)  Police charge people fleeing for their lives from the fires were charged by police because their desperate load of possessions was not tied down correctly.

b)  Australian Maritime officers stop delivery of supplies to bushfire victims to check boat registrations – Gino Lo Sordo, a local from Sanctuary Point on the South Coast of NSW, who had been running supplies back and forth from St George’s Basin to Sussex Inlet, says they were stopped by an officer who asked them to present their registration papers before proceeding with the rescue mission.

c)  Protestors at two planned burns in the east of the region have put themselves and the broader community at risk as they tried to disrupt planned burning operations. Gippsland’s Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Beth Roberts said: “Forest Fire Management Victoria crews were planning to ignite burns at Baines Road Mossiface and Nelsons Road Nowa Nowa on Wednesday September 4.  These burns are strategic asset protection burns, intended to protect human life, property and community assets from summer bushfires,”

Former President Of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg: 5G Wireless IS NOT SAFE –


How to Save our Nation.















How to Save our Nation.

Read in James 5:16  that ‘the prayer of a righteous man availeth much’, so one useful form of political activism is to pray for your country while being righteous. ie – clean hands and clean mind. 

What is effective prayer ?  You don’t pray to the Lord, or God, or Jesus, or Mary, or the saints or any “gods” – (First Commandment) and we don’t use words of some pastors … “Dear God or Dear Lord … in your name” !!   How dumb and ignorant is that ?

Yeshua taught us how to pray – and note that He looked up toward Heaven, not with eyes closed and looking down or nowhere.


Our Father, who is in Heaven … (tell Him your request)  and ask in the Name of Yeshua the Son.   John 14.13


Click herehttps://www.xyz.net.au/how-to-save-your-country/


















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