Happy Season – Weather – Israel – Police – Paedophiles

Good times and Hard times

Hard times create strong men –  Strong men create good times – Good times create weak men  – Weak men create hard times

Happy Christmas ?


NairneProtecting Paedophiles


Secrecy Laws Passed to Hide Pedophile Ring Connection to Royal Family


Israel – the Promised Land ?

Many think the “jews” are the chosen people occupying what is called Israel – it it Bibical ?  Do they worship the Father in Heaven .. or their Lord Lucifer ?


Police – Good and Bad  

Honest Cop Wins Appeal


Police ordered to Pay


Qld appeal win in alleged cop bully case


Anti-terror officers armed with assault rifles will patrol Australian airports this Christmas.


Your sweet tooth might cause a problem

It’s bad enough they take our welfare. Handy things those religious clothes – wonder what the Koran says about theft?      https://larryhannigan.com/humour/56-do-muslims-have-a-sweet-tooth/

Everyone should have a hobby









Here comes China!

Amazing propaganda – any nation can do all this by using a proper money system – we had it before our politicians sold us out by selling the CW Bank in 1961, so who is the proper Gander and who is the proper Goose ?  Be sure to look at this book.


Video 1 – China on the move

Yes China has heaps of poverty too as does many western countries. No doubt the excess population of “Useless Eaters” will be eliminated by vaccines and smart devices according to Agenda 21 – see after vid 2.  Be sure to get these 2 videos to every politician ! and read this simple parable even a child can understand  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3QqufElBUZweFhSTXdJdVJ3QzA/view

Australian can do likewise starting tomorrow

Video 2 –  China’s Megastructure Projects – this video is from 2016 – many of those projects would be completed now.


A simple explanation of Chemtrails –

How to get out of a choke hold






A RAY OF HOPE – List of NO 5G areas in the World

Details of 37 places across the World that have stopped 5G, the
FDA says 5G is safe, UK GOV confirms LED streetlights are
dangerous, LG confirm they don’t know the long term effects of
RF/EMF and how to fight 5G, LED and EMF in your area…
CLICK TO SEE THE LIST  places stopping 5g-2
LAOIS COUNTY, IRELAND SUSPENDS 5G DUE TO HEALTH CONCERNS & NON-COVERAGE BY INSURANCE.Leading the charge for 5G to be put on hold until such time as public anxieties around its health and safety can be allayed is Cllr Aisling Moran. She called on the Minister for Communications, Richard Bruton to stop the rollout of 5G, fifth generation cellular technology, across the country.“There is a reason why insurance companies will not insure 5G, this needs to be investigated further by an independent company with no prospect of financial gain,” she maintained.Click on the button to read the rest of the article and you will find a link to the FOI template there too!

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Read the article MSN News took down from its website – “New streetlights installed on British roads could harm people’s eyesight and disrupt their sleep, Public Health England (PHE) has warned.” In this article you can find out how to fight LED streetlights in your area. <https://smombiegate.us19.list-manage.com/track/click?u=100cd1a410b27e46add66af60&id=bea84c20a4&e=29ebb17072>

Read about the 37 areas in the World we have found who have stopped 5G <https://smombiegate.us19.list-manage.com/track/click?u=100cd1a410b27e46add66af60&id=8ca3d2c787&e=29ebb17072>

FCC + FDA ON 5G: “THERE’S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.” YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME… <https://smombiegate.us19.list-manage.com/track/click?u=100cd1a410b27e46add66af60&id=19e9357f2b&e=29ebb17072>

LG admits in their 5G smartphone manual that “None of the studies can answer questions about long-term exposures, since the average period of device use in these studies was around three years.” <https://smombiegate.us19.list-manage.com/track/click?u=100cd1a410b27e46add66af60&id=9f2d3bd946&e=29ebb17072>

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Police news + hottest weather ? + JFK history + humour

J F Kennedy’s 1945 Visit to Germany


Honest Cop wins Appeal


When I was young we respected Police – why don’t we today … maybe it’s because of what they do $$

Police to Pigs

NSW Police cannot arrest without intending to charge, High Court finds


Needs investigating, but this story would not surprise me…

Drivers fleeing the NSW bushfires

with vehicles packed full of possessions are being ‘pulled over by police and fined for unsecured loads’, MP claims

  • Greens MP pledged to investigate ‘distressing’ claims of police booking drivers 

  • Claims were circulating on NSW north coast Facebook pages on Wednesday

  • But NSW Police says officers’ focus is on helping people evacuate their homes

  • ‘Officers may have spoken with members of the community … (but) the NSWPF has not been targeting road-related offences’   Yeah !

Australia’s hottest day on record

was not 2019, but in 1828 at a blistering 53.9 °C   Back before man-made climate change was frying Australia, when CO2was around 300ppm, the continent savoured an ideal pre-industrial climate. Right?  research it

Why you should keep old Newspapers








A Poem for the Prime Minister

Very clever by Joanna … but ScoMo and other party colleagues are, crooks !  Their Oath of allegiance was incorrect when GG drew SloMO through the routine to become pm,..both guilty,…party’s are outside our constitution and corporatisation is too. Serious stuff and in breach of so much of our lawful heritage.

G’day Mr Morrison, I trust that you are fine,
Sorry to be bothering you, but there’s something on my mind
I listened to a bloke last week; he had a bit to say
You lot may have heard of him? He delivers all that hay?

He spoke of countless hours and the distances they drive
Feeding starving stock, to keep bush hopes alive
They do not get assistance from your tax funded hat
They do it on their own, all off their own bat

I’m not politically minded and I don’t have any clout
And I know you’ve done a tour, to learn about the drought
But there’s just some burning questions, that have left us feeling beat
Why did we fund a foreign land, to learn to cut up meat?

And what about those soccer boys, who went and got all lost
You pulled out all the bloody stops, plain just showing off
You’ve bigger problems here at home, there’s drought up to our necks
So what does your mob go and do ? Give them big fat cheques!

Don’t they have a government to deal with all this stuff?
Why should it be up to us, what’s with all your fuss?
Should we not be reigning in and look after our own
Have you never heard the phrase “charity starts at home”?

I realise there’s many things, that need an allocation
And I also can appreciate, complex trade relations
I’m not sure if you realise, but if our stock all die,
There won’t be any trade you see, your deals will all run dry

As a rule we’re not a whinging lot, our requests are but a few
Most of us who work the land, are tested, tried and true
We respect that we are guardians, and sustain it for the kids
But I often have to wonder, what future will it bring?

I guess all that I’m wondering, is “where’s the Aussie aid”?
Wrapped up in a swag of tape, only then to be repaid !
There’s Aussie blokes and chicks out there, putting you to shame
Helping fellow Australians, in their time of pain

I’m just a simple farmer, grazier, wife and mum
And even though we’re feeding stock, we’re better off than some
I’ve never had to shoot a cow, who could no longer stand
But many have before me, and I pray, I’m not dealt that hand

So will you take another look; admit that we’re in strife ?
And do more than bloody empathise, before another farmer takes their life ?
I’d like to think you’ll do what’s right and put Australia first
And help your own damn country, before this drought gets any worse

Joanna Collett

Wee Waa NSW


Please copy it and share it.
Don’t let those who are doing it tough in rural areas just become forgotten in the news cycle.
Charity starts at home!







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