Operation Blue Beam – a coming deception ?

A short intro

I do not personally agree or disagree with everything presented below and it may be difficult to get your mind around, especially if you are atheist or agnostic –
This next short vid cannot include all the technical explanations, so don’t resort to name calling or abuse if you cannot handle this which I have been searching this since 1979 when Stan Deyo revealed much to me on this subject – he got out of NASA when he realised what was going on.
I think this is one of the best overall summary of what is called the Biblical Great Deception – ie the false Alien Invasion and/or Second Coming

If you think this is rubbish, then carry on as you are now, but what if it is half true ? – search more before you decide – look up at the almost daily chem trails – what do you think they are for ?
Another quick summary



some more on the technicals