Follow up to Mail May 23 2017

A few ideas and theories here – take you pick – and forget the doctrinal arguments it’s just a matter of time now


Hi Larry

Yes Western Australia is the same
I’ve been following this for years too! If they can do what they did to a man the caliber of David Walter, no one stands a chance!
The way they treat the vulnerable pubic, if they accidentally get into their grasp is disgusting!
I ask you again What do we do about it? Is there a remedy

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Hi Larry

You sure have your finger on the pulse

It appears they make decisions without referendums anymore How can this be?

We don’t need to FEAR Extraterrestrial attack the Governing of the world is taking care of that, maybe it is already under Alien control already as some suggest
Terra forming the World
Trump is under attack from all sides 5 of them by the ELITE to get him impeached He is handling the Presidency assisting them by reacting just like his TV show