David Walter in prison

Larry asked M …

How does one apply   …  Supporters of Walter have advised they will file a Writ of Habeas Corpus today, seeking to have him released from jail. ??


M… replied
Writ Habeas Corpus gets the body before the Supreme Court to answer this question

WHO OWNS THE BODY  ie ( the man being the living soul … Gen 2.7) ie David Walter,

the Creator, or the State (corporation) ? 

The “State” has UNLAWFULLY imprisoned David Walter, not WALTER – DAVID as is written on his alleged Birth Certificate.    https://registerofbirthsanddeaths.wordpress.com/


John (from UK) wrote

Hello, Your circulation of the imprisonment of an Australian man and his supporters intending to seek a writ of Habeas Corpus alerted my attention. I tried last December to obtain such a writ. They are now unobtainable in the UK. Our common law is being removed without any protest from the people. 

I would be interested in any developments both negative and positive. If you have any connections with his supporters please forward this to them. John T in UK

Mark replied

Hi John & Larry

I would find that an incredible development if the Habeas Corpus was no longer available as a remedy within the UK.    Here in Australia the writ is still available though extremely rarely used

In fact when I lodged one in around 2005 in the Supreme Court Melbourne Victoria, the clerks whispered among themselves saying they hadn’t seen one for 20 years, and

In Queensland until 2011, I’d been involved in filing 3 such writs of the five filed over the same 20 years. They are very rare indeed  The writs provide a remedy however in most cases they fail not because of the process, but because when the “prisoner” is tested, they fail the test

The test is:

Who owns the body, the “state” or the Creator

When folks  – testify/make claims/offers/presentments, they assume the debtor position & fail the test

When they ask questions, and especially the right questions  that seek evidence to sustain any claim the body WALTER DAVID before the court is dead and not alive,

that the “state” has evidence of authority & jurisdiction over the living, and fails to provide that evidence, the prisoner passes the test & may be freed

Is all a game of chess





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