Mail June 11 2017

Today I watched a doco. on ABC TV about a distressed mother of a young boy aged 6 – 8 ish who suffers from food allergies – they showed terrible pics of what certain foods do –

Yes it is sad, but there was no mention whatsoever about how many injections and vaccines that poor kid may have been forced to have. Nor was there any mention about how much chemical laden packaged products or junk food he ate,

There is so much that govts and the medicos will have to answer for in the next few years or less – whether it is done knowingly or not. There are heaps of sites exposing the planned murder (by vaccines) yet people don’t wanna know, it seems ? Nevertheless, many are waking up to the corruption all around, especially the extortion and theft by the illegal councils – there is plenty of info on

Below is a letter from one thinker who knows some of what’s going on but hasn’t got a clue of what to do about it. But the day of reckoning will come – Remember that it is not “the Gov’t” nor “the Council” nor the “police” – they are nothing more than apiece of paper – a private company with an ABN. It is the individuals within those businesses who write letters, demand money from you or threaten you with fines or jail if you don’t pay. In other words, it is plunder, and those individuals are sharing in the plunder via their wages.

What day of reckoning you may ask ?? Isaiah 2.12 for a start For the day of the LORD of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low:

Hi Larry,

I have attached an article I wrote over the last few weeks.
Please let me know what you think.


Advance Australia Fair!?

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.
It is on a theme that greatly concerns me and should all Australians’.
Where is our country headed?

For the past several decades our countries government at the Federal and State level have consistently put foreign and corporate interests above that of the people they are employed to represent the best interests of, the original and proper reason for their positions existence.

Treaties and trade agreements with corporate and foreign entities have always put the interests of our countries future far from first. Now I am not a Nationalist or in fact any kind of supporter of hollowed out ideologies, history has shown the elaborate manipulation of these for the grotesque and often brutally terrifying benefit of the few is common.

Plainly and obviously our manufacturing and agricultural sectors cannot compete with overseas foreign exchange induced slave labour, our society in general has become addicted to cheap and often highly questionable food and manufactured goods made in often horrendous and frightening conditions at a cost that in no way can be justified as reasonable or for our local economies best interests.

As an example the majority of call centre operators representing companies operating out of Australia are contracted to foreign places. Employment that sees the workers paid below our minimum wage and often the quality of such representation is negatively reflected but accepted by their administrations because of the massively reduced cost of operations and the lack of local accountability. These models are being seriously considered by our governments under the dubious guise of “cutting operating costs” in several government sectors (especially Centrelink) which I fear will cost more in lack of privacy, efficiency, effectiveness and most of all more Australian jobs.

Additionally talk to almost any commercial farmer about the ludicrous cost of the licenses for seeds from life cycle mutilators and “owners” of plant type structures. Even when the “mutated” plants contaminate natural plants, with their pollen, owned by others who have gone to great lengths to prevent such an event occurring and the resulting seed crops become a breach of intellectual property. The farmer trying to keep it natural is sued for everything and more than they are worth, if they try and resist the confiscation or destruction of their crop, all enforced by the system currently in place.

This happens much more often than you would think.

Our countries debt is nearing 0.72 trillion $ (, our GDP is 1.78 trillion $, this has been accrued over the last 10 years. 1 years interest alone is enough to build a few more stupendously expensive submarines in another country, made corrupt by the fact we have a Federal government owned company that exists solely to build the Australian Defence Force submarines, that we do not need.

Ask not what your country can do for you, for soon it may not be your country… our governments have fairly silently metamorphosized into corporate structured entities that enable creditors to seize control of assets if they deem a loan to be a financial risk. Just look at Spain, Greece, Sierra Leone and more…

CRIMINALS have more rights and more funds invested in them per person than the often blamed reason for a considerable amount of our national debt, the people who mostly built this country, pensioners. Why spend 20% of a million $ a year on someone if they haven’t paid a parking fine or try to use natural materials that are less dangerous than coffee, keep gaol for the ones who are a risk to the community, the others should be given home detention with hundreds if not thousands of community work hours. Community work should not just be seen as a punishment or debt collection, it should be focused on giving people that have made mistakes a chance to connect with and contribute to their community, the thing that supports and creates the fundamental basis for most of their needs and wants.

We have the right to fair and decent representation and are being sensible in our delegated responsibility to these representers of publics best interest if we demand their accountability.

Authored, approved, supported, funded and distributed by Russell Luck