What can I do about my local council

At last – an opportunity to do something –

Yes they know people are waking up to the fraud of extortion conducted by employees of councils everywhere – This Channel 7 item just touches the surface – You can flood Channel 7 with many examples of how you have been affected
here some links


Tell Channel 7 you story in a few short paragraphs
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Better if you do not send just my link, (we don’t want the powers that be zeroing in on my site) rather – copy the text of the item which appeals to you and relates toyour story of hardship caused by your council’s antics

Please don’t say it can’t be done –
Councils are illegal and unlawful for a whole bunch of reasons – an extortion racket by private ABN companies pretending to be Gov’t, because people no longer know their rights
Remember it is not “the council” – it is those councilors and employees who share in the plunder they extract from you by threats of menace – ie fines, property confiscation and in more than a few cases recently – jail.