2017 Nov 1 – David Walter v the System

When many of us were growing up we had much respect for our local police and judges – but sadly, that seems not to be the case today – ? Could it be because of what they have become and do as employees of private foreign owned Corporations ? check this out

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For those of you who don’t care or have a clue what is happening, all I can say is good luck, but you may need to know about the David Walter case in the near future as it is almost certain you will be caught up sooner or later in a trumped up charge designed to extract lots of $$ from you. First up – here are a few responses received from people actively involved in this battle for control over your lives

1 – From Michael Thanks for the news and the info. Isn’t the internet great! More and more people are getting this information. The pendulum has started to swing the other way. It is the natural order of things. PS: Have a friend, Marshall Homes, who was attacked by court police and charged with assault. He was in his seventies at the time. His attackers with badges were in their 30’s. Well aware of this tactic.

2 – From Matthew  I was in court for the two days for David’s hearing, I was also a witness for his defence. I applaud the Chief Magistrate for his demeanour as it was a far cry from magistrate Bentley’s He seemed to show concern the way David had his property stolen through bankruptcy and the way it was done……….I do feel the charges were dropped so there was no way David could appeal, as I think they wanted it to all go away. I find it ironic that the C.M stated that the Qld Constitution is the only Rule of Law in Qld and yet that contravenes High Court precedence in saying that. What’s also interesting is that the hearing before this date, the Magistrate Bentley excused herself when the CDPP challenged her with a supporting HCA case in relation to “Bias” and she then stated that “yes I should remove myself from the case” as per HCA precedence. These people seem to pick what law suites them at the time!

3 – From Mark   hahaha . For Matt . The penny dropped. The Judges CHOOSE what they wish to follow to suit themselves It PROVES once again … EQUITY prevails. The ONLY law in Australia is what two parties agree to. That is EQUITABLE Equity prevails BECAUSE it is fair, just & equitable. No statute on planet earth can override equity – what two parties agree to. Two different judges answered me, when I asked them what law prevails in their court, “what two parties agree to” When EVERYONE understands this, then ALL ONE HAS TO SAY IN COURT when an adversary makes an unattractive offer like;

1. We want judgment for $1million against the defendant or

2. Sir, we want him locked up for 2 years, is

I RESPECTFULLY DON’T CONSENT TO THAT OFFER! Ensure you say this AT LEAST THREE TIMES then Make your OWN OFFER! Where folks are using these principles of EQUITY across Australia – whether in court or through private round table meetings, results are being attained Cheers

4 – From Joe      thanks so much for this – It will really help me in my case.



Write to your Local Member that Bob Hawke was a duel citizen, thus ever “law” made under him is invalid


From Kevin – I attended the David Walters hearing on the morning of the 30/10/2017.

Even though David accepted and claimed the state owned name: “Mr David John Walters” and accepted the charges appearing in Debased Latin (All uppercase text without the hyphens pursuant to Article 11:147 of the Chicago Manual of Styles) some very interesting questions we asked and answered.


unnamed (1).png

First, David knows how to handle the court, no doubt, the assault charges against David by the Queensland Police were fabricated, as usual, from such a criminal element. It was clear that the officer that claimed that he was assaulted by David and sustained injury (scratches​) lied under oath and his story was not backed up by other more honest officers and other witnesses that appeared on behalf of the prosecution.

This same officer, lying under oath, was the one that punched me in the back when I was locked in the watch house, I made a complaint about him but the ​Sergeant​ of Cairns Police station asked me if I could keep it internal and he would make sure that such an officer was dealt with but it seems that Police policing Police, is not working and needs urgent attention…. This is another example that Queensland Police need to be looked at by an independent body.

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I was only present for the morning session of the court hearing, however, some very interesting questions were answered by the chief Magistrate.

Was the Governor General paid in “dollars” or “pounds”. and when the Police officer could not answer the question, the chief magistrate confirmed for David that the Governor General was paid in Pounds and not in dollars, meaning, in weighted metal, or real money.

3. Salary of Governor-General
There shall be payable to the Queen out of the Consolidated Revenue fund of the Commonwealth, for the salary of the Governor-General, an annual sum which, until the Parliament otherwise provides, shall be ten thousand pounds.

The salary of a Governor-General shall not be altered during his continuance in office.

This statement is more evidence that there are two separate accounts and jurisdictions, one in Dollars and the other in Pounds.
Under the Founding and Primary Law. Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as Proclaimed and Gazetted which we are still bound to under Clause 5
Clause 5 (Operation of the Constitution and laws)
“This Act, and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth
under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people
of every State and of every part of the Commonwealth,
notwithstanding anything in the laws of any State ………. ”.

Salary of Governor-General = pounds.

Each senator and each member of the House of Representatives = pounds.

payable to the Queen = pounds.

Ministers of State = pounds.

The second question that was very interesting and left the magistrate and the police in silence was when David asked to see the police Badge of the officer that arrested him and made the assault charge, the officer and the magistrate were reluctant to hand it over but David insisted to see it at close hand. He took one look at it, held it in the air for all to see and stated that there was no signature of the Commissioner of Police on the badge Identification instrument and ​then​ stated that no authorised authority existed in relation to any Queensland Police officer, and ​then​ warned the magistrate, in a civil way, that he must inform police of the dangers of acting as Police officers without any form of authorized authority. He claimed that this could be a criminal act of treason.

The magistrate and the Police officers were very quiet after such statements were made Re: the unauthorised Police Badge.

In general, David was very good and composed and I must add that the Chief Magistrate was also very composed. I assume that magistrates like “Bentley” should not even be on the bench because such magistrates that are belligerent and ill-informed in relation to the concerns of many Australians that are just becoming aware that Australia is under foreign administration and the governments that we, as the Australian public, assumed were our common law governments, are in fact, foreign contracting administration entities operating for profit, from what I assume.

Belligerent police and magistrates like Bentley, only cause people to start looking why justice has not been served.

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The “conversion” from Australian nationals or Australian subjects, to Citizens of a foreign company registered with the so scribed: “US FEDERAL RESERVE” or the so scribed: “UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION”, has not been fully disclosed to the People of Australia and this is evident in relation to the number of people that have no idea that the Australian government and the state police are nothing more than private foreign entities registered with Dun & Bradstreet as: Non Organization’s. (For profit gangs)

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It was very clear that Police officers and Police Prosecutors had no idea of the very important points raised by David in relation to the seals and the foreign registrations of the State and Federal governments of Australia.

Any questions relating to the registration of Australian governing bodies being registered to the UNITED STATES, was quickly overlooked by the Magistrate with him saying that legal matters can be discussed with him at a later point in the hearing…

In my view, David’s concerns are honest and in good will and his concerns related to the children and grandchildren of the people of Queensland and Australia being subjected to such a terrible tyrannical foreign corporate private government that now have police running around like in NAZI Germany, without correct paperwork, without signed warrants, without authorised Police Officers, and with the destruction of the Australian way of life that has been in decline since Whitlam signed Australia over to Foreign administration in 1973….


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