2017 Nov 7 – China – Council thugs again – Gun Laws

1 – For youse who love China – well. it’s not all roses – You don’t need to speak French to work this one out! Click on the image to download the pps.

Screenshot 2017-11-08 at 03.27.06.png

2 – Can you believe this – in Australia – this is not done by “The Council” – it is done by a highly paid mongrel who is employed in a private ABN company, known as “the Local Council”. Why ? who is the victim harming ?



3 – Subject: – 2 of the 5 deadliest mass shootings in modern US history happened in the last 35 days

Michael wrote – I don’t know if you have read this one or not, but this is the attitude of most gun owners in the USA…and they will die with their guns in their hands, whereas the citizens of Australia gave up their guns…. not sure why or how they were forced to do so…but the “top guns” to use a pun, now seemingly in control of Australia are pushing (bullying) to take over completely and it looks like there is no one who is going to be able to stop them. Hope I am wrong. Sorry. … Michael.

(Michael included a rather long article about the automatic guns converters etc … here is a small part of his article … In equally gun loving Australia they used the same old NRA arguments (self defense etc) for decades, until the PM simply decided to outlaw automatic and semi-automatic guns “because nobody needs automatic weapons for sport, hunting and self defense. Their sole purpose is to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible”. This argument made it happen in Australia and it could work now in the US as well, unfortunately not with the idiotic NRA puppet Trump as president.
by Von Meinem

From Larry to Michael Michael – Note that Trump is correctly saying … “we don’t have a gun problem … we have a mental health problem”. I have never heard of any weapon in history that ever killed anyone – a shovel, knife, pitchfork, machete, can be used for food gathering or farming the soil – all are tools – And they can be used by one to kill someone or can be used in self defence when the victim is less powerful than the attacker – Starting way back as far as we choose to believe, weapons (and tools) have developed to mind boggling levels today – I wonder what Cain used to murder Abel … his hands, a rock, a spear ???

The Roman armies had double edged swords – did Caesar ban them from people who then had to use whatever they could for self defence ? Then swords came medieval bows and arrows, and the super duper bow and arrow called a crossbow – the equivalent to an automatic gun today – So the anti-guns idiots want a law equivalent to banning “crossbows” for the people, but it’s ok for the Gov’t thugs (police) to have crossbows ??

Australians were disarmed by a well planned False Flag in Port Arthur, 2 years before it happened – see below – most idiots handed in their guns for $$ – the smart people handed them in, and then used the $ to buy a better one or more – hoping they will never need to use it except against a criminal, or gov’t staff, judiciary, including police, who are those who commit most crimes of theft and fraud today.
Far more crimes and murders are done using knives, screwdrivers,machetes etc … we never hear of legislation to ban those do we ??
Thus we can expect to see many more false flag “shootings” all for the purpose of getting emotional public reaction, so the “rulers” can disarm the people totally – exactly as has been done by every dictator in history –

if you will spend more than 2 minutes to understand how the people were duped in Australaia  – there are many such vids and articles you can search.