2017 Nov 23 – The Simpsons – Queensland State Election – Flakka Drug

1 – This first video is short and shows how the Simpsons use humour and sarcasms to tell the Truth without stating if it’s true or not. The scripts are read over and over again before approval, so, what do the writers really know? 2 mins


There are several similar vids to see if you want


2 – Have you heard of this devastating drug – why would any idiot take it ..and why must we pay for their rehab?


3 – Do you agree with murder and suicide ?

Very interesting voting pattern. This is info everyone in Queensland ought know
so as to make an intelligent decision

Obviously the Greens are just another name for Communists

Good News Update 232 – 22 November 2017 
A Crucial Election in Queensland this Saturday
Dear Bev,
The Canberra Declaration has sent four updates and lodged two submissions focusing on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bills being debated in New South Wales (thankfully defeated by one vote in Upper House last Thursday) and in Victoria (sadly passed in Upper House with one amendment as of this afternoon). The battle has been fierce and unrelenting.
The situation is just as urgent in Queensland. This weekend Queenslanders, go to the polls in a snap election called by the Labor Party for Saturday 25 November 2017. It is critical for us to vote in a government who will not introduce a similar euthanasia bill into State Parliament in the next four years.
This applies equally to abortion and funding for so-called ‘Safe Schools’.Policies on issues of life, faith, family and freedom are rarely mentioned in election news updates. But they are extremely important for us to know.  So also is how a party suggests you number the boxes on your voting paper especially if you vote for a minor party. Thankfully different organisations have done considerable work to help us with this.
Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) encourages us to be a voice for values concerning the introduction of euthanasia, abortion (even right up ‘to birth’) and continuing funding for ‘Safe Schools’ programs. See more information here. Listen to this excellent podcast with Wendy Francis, ACL QLD Director.
Family Voice Australia have also issued detailed information on their websiteon how each candidate in your electorate would vote on ten issues.
Australian Christian Values Institute (ACVI) have released its Values Checklist for 21 questions (click the image to see details clearly and download at www.christianvalues.org.au/index.php/checklists/current-elections).

There is a stark difference between Labor and Liberal Nationals (LNP) on these. Brian Robertson, spokesman for the Christian Values Institute, states,“Labor has promised, if re-elected, to expand the controversial Safe Schools program, with its promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism, to all Queensland State Schools. Labor has also promised to act on any recommendations from the Queensland Law Reform Commission to legalise abortion.  Labor has indicated its willingness to consider legislating in favour of euthanasia and medically-assisted suicide.”

Mr Robertson continued, “In contrast, the LNP has promised to completely scrap the Safe Schools program, to leave Queensland’s abortion laws as they are. The LNP has also promised not to introduce any proposal to allow vulnerable people to be killed off for the sake of easing the anguish of relatives and increasing the profits of the ‘doctors of death’.”
While many issues influence the voting decisions of churchgoing people, Mr Robertson declared, “The foundational issues are found in the sanctity of human life, and in the human identity as male and female.  Abortion and euthanasia are a direct assault on the sanctity of life, and the transgender and radical sex agendas of programs like Safe Schools are an assault on identity and sexuality.” 
Mr Robertson said, “If we ignore the foundational issues and focus on the economy, the environment, employment, and energy, we run the risk of fashioning a society in which the foundations are so weakened that the building cannot stand.”
Mr Robertson concluded, “It is disappointing that Labor continues to pursue a so-called progressive agenda – rather than returning to its historical Christian-based values – and it makes it increasingly difficult for people of faith to stand alongside the Labor brand.”
You can download this Media Release Labor’s Obsession with Death & Sex.
The influence of Pauline Hanson One Nation (PHON) is vital in this election. Read their policies on abortion and euthanasia. Their suggestion for numberingyour ballot paper is to put sitting members last so possibly removing many good people.

So, as Queenslanders, we appeal to all Australians to help us in these ways.

1. Pray that voters will know the details of the policies of different parties on life, marriage and faith issues and make the right decision.
2. Share this email with as many as you can who will then share it with friends in Queensland.
3. Volunteer if you are in Queensland. Thankfully many groups have come together under the banner of Voters for Life. They are looking for volunteers to letterbox drop (urgently before tomorrow night), repost on Twitter or Facebook, give out how to vote cards at polling booths etc. Volunteer now.
Conservative voters also have the option of volunteering here.
Thank you.

Yours for life, family, faith and freedom,

David & Marilyn Rowsome
Box 5125
Mt Gravatt East, 4122