2017 Nov 27 – Top Level Corruption in Australia

1 – https://larryhannigan.com/australia/24-high-level-govt-corruption/

This is possibly one of the most important vids I have made concerning big time corruption with our Aust Gov’t I met this fine young man recently.

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2 – Here is an interesting item from a World Bank insider – It would surely be the same here –cos
the ATO is a private corporation.

Bill Bonner is a moral man who tries to warn the world of the financial mess our “leaders” are making. Taxes in the USA gathered by the IRS (a Private corporation) and (the ATO (a private corporation) do not go to run the nation, build roads, nor make jobs. No siree. Instead, here is the breakdown where IRS taxes go, according to the attorney from the World Bank in 2014:

40% goes to the City of London Central Bankers as INTEREST on our Debt to the King of England,

60% goes to the Vatican per the Forever Treaty of 1213 with King John of England.

The Gov’t borrows from the world bankers + interest – next year’s taxes (the Gov’t income) are the security offered – the same as when you get a loan from the bank – so watch the above again – the history of this goes way back to King John

See how this is done on https://larryhannigan.com/2017/08/08/16-admiralty-law-for-beginners/


3 – PM Harold Holt was well aware of item 1 and tried to clean it up