2017 Dec 10 California Fires

2017 Dec – The latest California fires burning the forests is fairly normal,  yet when the fires reach the steel and concrete million $ homes,  one must ask –  Why are the trees not burning but the homes are? Bushes, grass, trees, flowers, and mulch … not even smoking.  But the centre of the homes and buildings  have intense burning. ?   Could this be yet another clearing away for Agenda 20-30 communities ?  Think –

–                         is this likely in future Australian “bush fires” ?

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Interesting how the SSM “laws” were shoved through based on a the questionable results of a survey.  They found a way to avoid a proper referendum and  in defiance of Sect 109.

I received this request from John D  –  Could you possibly ask your recipients of your email database.  That if they have documentations, evidence and plans for working Free Energy devices that actually work