Fwd: 2018 Jan 25 … The FALLEN ANGELS have arrived… multiple sources…

Current now 2018 –  It is long and rather slow, but I believe it is more important than what any leader of Govt or church is doing –

Believe it or not, is up to you – but don’t be surprised when you start to see manifestations, surely soon.  Best to download now before it is removed. I did.

This was put up by Rebecca who has made some note and quotes below.

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NOTE:  The movie, Jupiter Rising, depicted the power and hidden organizations of the Fallen Angels, and how they are manipulating humans.  It is an “action film” and not scary.  The movie released information about the new technology of the “Hoover Board” that can fly in the air… which the military later documented as TRUE.  Make popcorn and watch it… you need to get an idea about the world that you do not “see”, and know that it is all around you.

“There are two ways to be fooled:
(1) to believe what isn’t true, or
(2) to refuse to believe what is true.”
–By the philosopher and scholar Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)
R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./ sciences
Freelance Investigative Science Reporter since 1996

The Fallen Angels Have Arrived! (Video)

Thursday, January 25, 2018 9:15

Posted and REMOVED from Before Its News on January 26, 2018.


Briefly documenting the histories of these beings, then the Biblical connections, and then multiple bizarre sightings that are increasing in 2018. They are here and are starting to get bold about their presence.

Are you ready for this?

A brief summary of aliens and the Jehovah Witness connection in the begining, then at about 2:06 weird sightings in 2018. An excellent compilation!

VIDEO  (40.55 minutes)

REPORTER NOTES:  (rough transcript; go to link for accuracy)

HOST:  Going back in time, the Chief Adviser to Queen Elizabeth I… Sir John Dee… was a Kabalistic Black Magician.  He had gone to the continent and learned from the top Kabalists the black magic.

He created the Enochian Magic… used by the Illuminati….which are hiding behind the Jehovah Witness headquarters… their power is the enochian “WATCH TOWERS”… that is why they are called The Watch Tower Society.


INSERT++++Enochian magic – Wikipedia

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enochian_magic Enochian magic is a system of ceremonial magic based on the evocation and commanding of various spirits. It is based on the 16th-century writings of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley, who claimed that their information, including the revealed Enochian language, was delivered to them directly by various angels.


(1.15 minutes)

Sir John Dee conjured up demons or “angels” with his black magic… there were pictures drawn of them… and they look identical to what we call “Gray Aliens”.


I visit with and debrief people who have come out of the high levels of the Illuminati, and these different types of Aliens are participating in different types of Illuminati rituals.


BOTTOMLINE:  I have concluded that there are no “good” Aliens.  The Aliens are demons.  We have a mixture going on of demons with Flesh-and-Blood.  We also have OTHER genetic experiments.


(2.16 minutes)

VIDEO Clip in New Zealand… huge fireball sitting out on the hoizon…


(2.47 minutes)

VIDEO clip in Columbia, South America… January 2018, SHAPESHIFTING BLACK DIAMOND/ CUBE…visible in the Upper RIGHT side of the screen…

(3.44 minutes)


VIDEO clip in Columbia, South America… January a few days later… a fireball sitting in the sky and pulsating…


(5.04 minutes)

VIDEO Clip with speaker and image…

SPEAKER Gary Bates… There have been polls… one is like the Roper Poll… the results were extrapolated and sent to over 150,000 American GPs… medical practitioner… basically this is up to epidemic proportions… they estimate that up to  4 million Americans have experienced an “Alien abduction experience”.  Then you have to wonder, why is the nature of it so DECEPTIVE?


If they are really here to “help us” as some critics claim, then why do they go around acting deceptively?  Why do they stealthily abduct people in the middle of the night?  It is disturbing.  People claim they have been taken aboard a spaceship and probed in all parts of their bodies.  There were sexual encounters.  This seems to be some kind of “ritual abuse” going on.


So you have got to ask:  Why would “advanced evolved creatures” kidnap people in the middle of the night and do these horrible things to them, but say “We are here to help you”? 


We would like to apply a scientific tang to it, but quite simply, it seems that these creatures who CLAIM to have flied millions of light years across the universe, basically deny the Bible Christianity and teaches New Age beliefs.


QUESTION:  Why would “advanced extraterrestrials” come just to teach us religion?


It seems to me, and again the Research will show you, that the messages being received are DECEPTIVE IN NATURE.  They will tell you things like, “We have come from Venus or Mars”… in the 1960s, that was the message.  Now we know that is impossible.  Now they tell us they have come from Orion, or Sirius, or Betis Reticula … or somewhere far off… where we cannot TEST those claims.


That is the problem.  Some of the stories they have told us like that we know to be demonstrably NOT TRUE.


When someone comes to you and tells you all of these stories and says, “We are here to help you”, but then does BRUTAL THINGS TO YOU, and then lies to you… I don’t think TRUST is a good place to start.


Let me just talk about ABDUCTIONS, because that is a place to unfigured.  People who say … little gray figures in the middle of the night pass through their walls, or they see them enter through the ceiling.  These people who claim to have these experiences claim they have been taken through the walls.


You and I know that it cannot be happening.  These people are having a REAL experience.  The question is:  IS IT REALLY ALIENS?


My conclusion is:  I do not believe that it is Aliens.


(7.42 minutes)

VIDEO clip with Speaker … orange light with “fingers”… moving a fast speed… object pulsating on the horizon with definite shape… unidentified… fingers were speeding away from the object…


(9.37 minutes)

VIDEO clip with Speaker Renee Roland (Former Occultist) on Youtube … many experts… these things are not “intergalactic” but “interdimensional”… they are spirit beings… the same beings discussed in Genesis 6… the Fallen Ones… the intent was to massage everything… take away pure humans… to prevent coming of the Christ… to Redeem humans … that is why Noah is called perfect… genetic.  Some of the giants were huge, like 22 feet… bones in Switzerland… the Smithsonian is covering up these things… Satan is the Prince of the Air…


VIDEO clip… objects in the sky with clouds… largest object disappeared first, then the others.


I know a lot of occultists who can summon UFOs… they show up on command… because they are serving Satan… some of them do not know it, but they are. 


They mascaraed as “Angels of Light”… the call themselves the Galactic Federation of Light… 200 angels fell to Mount Hermon… that is where they made their Oath to mate with human women… to create the abominations called Raphaim … and the other races that God told Moses to destroy.  It was not just humans, but animals, too.  They had mixed genetics in the animals.  IT WAS HORRIBLE…


They are just using “Good Cop / Bad Cop”… these Palladian’s against the Others… either side you choose, then you are just choosing Satan.

 Christ is the only way…

You can see in the Hindus… multiple heads and arms… might be distortions coming through the portals.. not imagined… this is what they saw… sounds like technology… we don’t know if these angels were limited with their movement and needed technology… Ezekiel saw the wheel… in any case, it sounds insane…

MUFON was covering up that  the fact that the name of Jesus stopped abduction… over 400 cases… “Close Encounters of the 4thKind” video… all stories of people who stopped the abduction…

The human sacrifices were commanded… not an accident or out of fear… these things want blood sacrificed.


The Vatican… coming deception… has something to do with this… it is horrifying….

VIDEO clip 2018 … objects seen out of a window… multiple lights in a row on the horizon…

…this whole thing is a SPIRITUAL DECEPTION… in Revelation it says that men’s hearts will fail them when they see these things coming on the earth… We are going to see a lot of crazy stuff, but it is all a lie… the Grays… the Men in Black… it is manifesting, but it is of a spiritual nature…

(20.18 minutes)

VIDEO clip… 5 lights on horizon… North Carolina, USA, January 2018


(21.00 minutes)

VIDEO clip of Crop Circles… Speaker… Crop circles first appeared in late 1960s in the south of England… at first were simple, and then became more complex… they are made in such a way that it could not be manmade… the stalks are bent in such a fashion and not broken… we don’t know of any technology that can do that.  There is leftover radiation.  The cellular structures of the wheat stalks, corn stalks, etc. have been changed. 


In the 1980s, two elderly gentlemen came forward… and claimed responsibility for all of the crop circles that were made in that early period.  Now, they multiplied all over the world.  So the first thing that you need to realize is that there are “CIRIOLOGISTS”.  When the two men took credit for the circles, they were DEBUNKED. 

Go to this website:  www.circlemakers.org

You will see that a plank and two ropes are the tools to make the crop circles found all over the world, according to the two men. The name these men gave to themselves originally was:  Team Satan.


You must wonder why would a group of people call themselves Team Satan?… they later changed it when it was politically incorrect… Also, at their website they say when they build the crop circles, they have all of these paranormal experiences… healings, radio interruptions, UFOs appear in the sky (video clip) …


In Canada recently… on a scifi channel… she was channeling a message from an alien being that we have evolved through a state that we cannot see them… people are dabbling in what they think is a “pseudo technology”, but they are opening a doorway into the occult.


Video clips of Orbs….


(24.34 minutes)

VIDEO clip… two Speakers… reading Revelation… “Then there will be tribulations not seen since the beginning of the world” … “for the Elect, those days will be shortened”… if there is a full disclosure of Aliens… at that point in time, they are concerned that humanity will end itself… they feel that is the time they want to come on the scene before mankind destroys itself…

The Church is starting to wake up that this thing is not going away… was playing golf and discovered one of the players was also a pastor… the minute I brought up Nephilim, he declared that his denominations refused to say that fallen angels had sex with women… I asked him if he had even bothered to read the scriptures about it… Chuck Mussler, Dr. Thomas and others have studied the Hebrew passage… it says “angels”… it does not say the “the ungodly daughters of Cain marring sons of Seth’… not truth… the hybrids were not allowed by Elohim… if you don’t understand this issue, then you assume that Elohim is a genocidal maniac… Jesus warned us of Fallen Angels… we have always had wickedness, but the Days of Noah talks about the reappearance of Fallen Angels… even the Elect will be deceived… I believe many will be deceived…

Something interesting… Dr Lier… what are the implants doing?  … He said they were modifying the genetics…


If a nuclear war happens and these guys show up… they tell you they have all of your info including medical records… they tell you this microchip will change your DNA so that your body will heal itself and expand your lifespan to 500 years… PEOPLE WILL LINE UP FOR THAT CHIP and will not care what they “belief”…


Based on the implants that Dr. Lier has removed… WHAT IF… you were told that you could take a chip and remain disease free? … The technology of what he is removing is so far beyond our own technology, that we don’t know what we are looking at….


Enoch… yeah, not the Canon… but BEFORE the Canon existed, Jesus and Rabbis read it… there was a rebellion by the angels at some point in Time… a lot of babble in discussions… the Enemy hates us… there will be a trade between Humans and Fallen Angels of technology… secrets of Heaven… the first abortion ever recorded and a Fallen Angel gave the instructions how to KILL THE EMBRYO…


(35.22 minutes)

VIDEO clip… speaker Hal Lindsey… People are asking if UFOs are real?  One cannot deny the numerous sightings or the miles of video that are presented by competent Professional people.

UFO stands for ‘unidentified flying object’.

Whether a UFO is from outer space, is another question entirely.  I find it interesting that this recent picture paints them as “benevolent guardians”.  I believe that UFO are “real” and that their source is “supernatural”.  But, not from some distant galaxy as is usually presumed, but the Bible speaks of Fallen Angels, or demons, that have GREAT powers.  It appears that apart from Divine restraint, they can manifest themselves in a human form and materialize in advanced vehicles.

PROPHECY predicts that God’s restraint of those malevolent people will be removed in the Last Days.

…many movies… showing Aliens arrive and promise… end of poverty, the cure of dreaded diseases, and techniques that will make it possible to feed billions of people… AND that what the Aliens were really doing was fattening us up for lunch.


…Before the Great Flood and recorded in Genesis 6…

Bible prophecy predicts a vast Deception … the deception will mold the world into a Anti-Christ worship overnight.


VIDEO clip of UFO…