2018 Feb 25 – Corruption in SA QLD and VIC and how to end it

Councils are really getting nervous as people are waking up, and the fraud and theft is being exposed – Remember that the “council” cannot read, write nor make decisions – it is all done by flesh and blood individuals who will steal your property and vote themselves obscene salaries, while telling you how wonderful they are and boast about all the good they are doing for you, while lying thru their teeth, claiming they are a part of Government –

Now before you start bleating ” if ya don’t pay the rates, who will fix the roads… or similar wacko dumbed down ignoramus yapping, do a bit of basic fact discovery … you may even have to switch off your mobile device. or even miss a TV show or 2  see


We all know that in Referendums 1974 and 1988, we the people voted a resounding NO to councils becoming Government – so to get the power over you and impose more and more taxes and levies, they came up with various Local Government Acts, none of which are valid to this day …     “Oh no … we are legal” they bleat …  yes, legal” but not lawful  –  a world of difference.  Most of the evil in the world is often presented in a very pleasant shape.  Many of its advocates are very pleasant people, as people.  We’ve all met that person down at your local community level, who we call the do-gooder.  Now the do-gooder only wants to do good to you, whether you want it done to you or not.  And then the next step is very logical, “so I can do this good to you, I only want enough power” – in other words   “I am going to use it, for your betterment..” So this question of words is important
State Governments and Local Councils are getting nervous – they are all Corporations and have no authority whatsoever … that in in breach of Section 109.

EXAMPLE 1 – SOUTH AUSTRALIA   “Slug empty shops with higher rates as Adelaide vacancies soar”,  councilor says – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


A letter from a Minister admitting govt departments and councils … private corporations. See Attachment 1

Apart from that, they are rife with corruption and people are tired of it.

EXAMPLE 2 – QUEENSLAND   Logan City Council has sacked its CEO Sharon Kelsey, who was appointed only in June 2017


The Council meeting that decided on the move ended in uproar as ratepayers and staff in a packed public gallery were ejected from the chambers before the vote was taken. Seven councilors voted for Ms Kelsey to be sacked, with five opposing. Mayor Luke Smith, who is under investigation for corruption, had absented himself.

EXAMPLE 3 – QUEENSLAND – A NEW LAW (attempted) has been introduced in the Queensland Parliament which retrospectively validates council rates that may have been improperly issued.


The new Local Government Legislation (Validation of Rates and Charges) Amendment Bill 2018 has been formulated as a response to a Queensland Supreme Court ruling in November 2017. That ruling, known as the Linville case, meant that many rates and charges levied local government authorities in Queensland in recent years could be found to be invalid.

The case came to court when investment company Linville Holdings was taken to court by Fraser Coast Regional Council for unpaid rates. Linville argued that the rates were invalid because the council had failed to pass separate resolutions each year validating its rates and charges.

Linville won the case. The ruling, from Supreme Court Justice David Jackson, called into question the validity of many separate rates and charges levied by councils all over Queensland. Brisbane paper The Courier-Mail at the time identified Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Townsville and Cairns as councils that had similarly failed to pass separate resolutions during annual budget meetings, and that potentially all Queensland councils could be affected. The Queensland Government acted very quickly to enact new legislation which would effectively invalidate the court’s ruling. They new bill will pass quickly into law – Queensland is the only state in Australia with no upper house of Parliament.


There is no such thing as retrospective legislation but even if there was the government can not overturn a decision of a court with legislation……if there was grounds to change the decision the government would have to appeal the case to the high court and they know they don’t stand a chance.

EXAMPLE 4 – VICTORIA –  Victorian Local Government Act 2018  another $$ and power grab attempt – they are wanting powers equivalent to a dictator, over and above the Federal and State Governments  see


If you live in Victoria, you must act now.  Individuals trying to beat these evil mongrel thieves and liars, have little or no chance, they are picked off by the private courts, and assisted by armed thug employees of private security companies.


So what is really behind this desperate bid to increase the attacks on us all via rates and taxes ?  the simple. Attach 2    says it so well, but that is just showing the greedy people aspect, But to get to understand the ultimate source,  this video is long and is not for the faint hearted – but don’t say you didn’t know when your taxes, rates and levies reach unacceptable levels, or your property is stolen. And guess what, it is shorter than a paid gladiator football match, and whether your team wins or not will have absolutely no effect on you existence … this video will be full in your face soon.

The term UFO is used for Unidentified Flying Object … so if it is unidentified, why do people assume it is a space vehicle from the vague “somewhere out there” ?

It is unidentified … right ?

Millions of people from many countries, for centuries, claim to have had an encounter or even abduction. No doubt the experience was very real to them.  This 2.5 hr investigation into this subject will scare you, enlighten you or even excite you. Expect a something extraordinary event soon and be able to understand it.