The Caring ATO – Australian Satanic Paedophilia Network

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Remember – the ATO is a private ABN company


the attachment is chilling Australian Satanic Paedophilia Network Exposed

Australian Satanic Paedophilia Network Exposed


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“Politicians, stop selling Australia to foreign countries”
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If it does not stop, one day there will be nothing left to sell. Just like our public assets.
Where does the funds from the sale of these assets go, when we still have a deficit ??? If the deficit does not reduce, then why sell assets.

Why are we not told about the sale of these assets prior to their sale? Why is the foreign investment register no longer accessible to the public??
Are your politicians really trust worthy, without our scrutiny??
Our politicians are only the custodians for the public assets that belong to the Australian people. They can not sell them “legally” without our consent/referendum….
A 99 year lease would be a better option.

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It appears the shooting ‘victims’ did NOT die but were well paid crisis actor hirelings who collected their high paychecks from the ‘gun confiscating’ leftists