Who owns your land ?



Ron Baker life story updated



You don’t own your land; ultimately, through the English Monarchy, the Vatican owns your land, and you pay an annual rent to live there. That goes back to the Treaty between Pope Innocent III and King John predating Magna Carta which the Pope annulled for the most part by three (3) subsequent Papal Bulls. The English Monarchy has rented the Crown from the Vatican ever since in accord with the ‘Forever Treaty of 1213’. If you are unaware of it, best you wake up and get yourselves a copy.

We struggle with the same problem here, as do the Canadians. We are are caught up in the British/Vatican Criminal Consortium with their Bloodline families running the ‘show’ for them, but you Aussies are even more blinded in not being able to see past those Bloodline Family proxies, the Jews you guys keep railing about. You need to wake-up and smell the ‘cawfee’, and figure out what is behind it all. They are all laughing their a$$es off at you guys like they were at us.  Because you can’t recognize the TRUTH, God allows you to wallow in the mire. The Edomites, the progeny of Essau and his Cannanite wife had taken over Judaism by the time of Christ after the Babylonian Captivity in 521 B.C. That was who Christ constantly criticized in John 8:44; 1st John 3:12; Rev. 2:9 & 3:9. Being a R.C. like I once was, you likely don’t even have a Bible, and if so, probably seldom if ever read it. Rome revived is your leader, and Rome revived is the Fourth Major World Power, see Daniel 7:13-24. It is now in the process of devouring the whole earth, treading it down, and crushing it. Rome today and since June 29, 1963 has been worshiping Lucifer, and they claim, his son, Jesus Christ. If you desire proof, send a request and I will furnish it.  I just sent the following out to my list last night.

Former Canadian Defense Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer, Proposing the Changes that Must be Made Immediately to Save our World



This is probably one of the most Common Sense speeches of our time. He covers all the important issues necessary to save the World and the People of Earth from themselves.

What’s more important, he proposes viable solutions for the problems we have and where that Cabal, the Globalists are taking us if we do not change it NOW.

Additionally, I am including a mailing to President Trump by former Superior Court Judge from Alaska, a former Wisconsin national who, for several years now, has been attempting to restore the Republican form of Government in these united States of america. She has filed documents in 2014 with the International Court of Justice in the Hague, and NOTICED the Vatican among others. She has included President Trump in other of her mailings. She teaches people to how to remove themselves from the Corporatocracy enslaving Americans, how to restore their States to the original form, and how to regain their sovereign status and remove their property from territorial status and back to the original non-taxable status. Please visit her website at:  www.annavonreitz.com for over 900 documents one can peruse on her site. We are all under a form of British-Vatican domination. Karen Hudes, former lead counsel of the World Bank for 21 years, went on the record several years ago stating that, and we know that all American Income tax checks/payments to the Federal Reserve Banks. Karen states: The revenue is forwarded to the London Bank owned by the Vatican ultimately which takes 40% as their cut, then sends the remaining 60% to the Vatican.

30+ years ago, I realized that the 14th amendment was the lynch pin that destroyed American Sovereignty, and when I exposed it in my federal income tax case, 1988, although it was not an issue in my case, though my arguments brought out an admission by the Judge on the record, that the Constitution did not apply in her courtroom. I was dumb-confounded. At my sentencing, this judge stated on the record that in her opinion, I was guilty of Sedition…. I will add, for exposing the TRUTH which is now coming out with good people like Paul Hellyer and Donald Trump, et. al.  After 9 years and 8 months in federal custody, four of which were spent being held captive, my research into the reason why began while on probation after the captivity period. A small part of it is summarized in the second attachment hereto that I authored around  23 March 2018 which will give you all further insights into our situation.

As for why the American Organic Constitution is dead, the answer is found in the last paragraph on p. 2 of that document. Then, after approximately the passage of six Congressional Acts and three (3) amendments that were fraudulently certified as ratified, in settling the Civil War Bankruptcy, the wording save for the changing of the word ‘for’ to ‘of’ in the last sentence of the Preamble, the Organic Constitutional wording was adopted as a Corporate Charter by Congress as a substitute for it. So, Americans fraudulently have been taught and falsely have been led to believe that the Organic Constitution is our Rule of Law. However, ever since, it only really works for the federal government and rights are legislated upon as if they were legislative acts to be altered with the changing times. As for example, our Second Amendment cannot be legislated against nor litigated upon due to the Organic Constitution being one of delegated authority only, unchangeable, and due to the last four words of the Second Amendment being an absolute mandate to all governments.

Bob Jungles