A suggested letter TO PREVENT RIP OFFS

You all have your own story and local knowledge of corruption in your own Council – so fill in the blanks with your own story – it is no good if only a few do this kind of letter – it needs many people send this kind of letter by email AND registered mail, and get a PO proof/receipt of delivery within the week of sending This may help you understand some reasons for this letter click http://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/ban-on-qld-developer-donations-set-to-pass/news-story/a8a5d208078b46bfbd68cbb883f778a4



your Name and address
Attention Premier of which State
I wish to draw your attention to another part of the massive Local Council corruption within the XYZ Council in town I bought my home in 2003 on xxx m2 for $200k The rates were $2400pa, but now in 2018, the rates are almost $3000 pa.
1 – Recently new kerb and channel was put in my street. During the construction, I chatted the foreman on the job who informed me that they were not council staff, but a private contractor. The job was done in less than a week – 85 metres of kerb and channel – cost $85k, $1,000 per metre. !! Having been a surveyor for 20 years, I am well aware of road works and costs. I wonder which councilor’s relative got that job.
2 – Being a pensioner, and my property deriving no income, it is written approved Land Tax exempt by the State Treasury. (PS … you can apply to your State Treasury for Land Tax exemption)   I notified the Council who refuse to acknowledge it and they continue to apply Land Tax disguised as General Rate, yet they do not tax Churches, private Foundations and the like.
3 – I have asked for evidence and clarification as to their lawful existence to act as a Gov’t Department, which they refuse to supply. The question is – “if they were a part of Gov’t, then why was it necessary to have referendums in 1974 and 1988, where the majority of people in a majority of States rejected them.” These councils, which are nothing more than ABN companies, use their so called Local Govt Acts which are invalid under Sect 109 of The Constitution 1901, the supreme law in all of Australia, as recognised by the High Court and evidenced by the recent Sect 44 issue
4 – I am happy to contribute to the maintenance of this town, by signed contract agreement, remembering that water pipes and sewerage maintenance costs are very small. Yet they charge us for God’s free water by the litre as ‘tho they own it and add poisons such as Bromide or xxxxx. Likewise, the roads – it is well known that the Fed Govt collects some $45 billion in fuel tax (even for lawn mowers) and that money is for nation wide roadworks.
5 – Recently, 11 properties were “auctioned” for allegedly not paying rates. 1 house with a market value of $250-300k went for $120k Another lot went for $2,100 !! – No doubt, a few well heeled people were invited to cash in and share in the plunder of the homes of those struggling families. Most pensioners get approx $18k pa, these councilors think they are justified in taking 2 months of the year’s income.
6 – The salaries that CEO and councilors pay themselves is obscene – there would be hardly a few business men here earning half of that. When I was a boy, it was an honour to be a councilor, a neighbour was such and drew only expenses. Councillors then were honourable and respected in the community, as were the Police. Sadly it seems to be not the case today where they are regarded as greedy revenue collectors.
I hear dreadful stories from long time locals here where councilors have made big financial gains from various activities in this council area. The debacle in xxxxxxxx, where councilors signed off for unfinished work by a contractor. Now the council is demanding 10s of 1000s of $$ from the residents to finish the work.

You know as I do, that corruption is State and Nation wide.
I leave you to consider the above and investigate. The criminals must repay to us, all they have illegally and immorally obtained.

signed ……………. All Rights reserved


see what happens when people act together – attached

now write your email and post your letter


A letter from a friend Hi Friends, I enjoy my ongoing battle with my xxx Council  & the usual topics revolve around; Councillors who do not declare their interests in varying developments, but profit from their voting actions. This practice is of course ” the Norm ” through out all Illegal/unlawful ? 3rd Tier of govt.
I still hold interest in a small business where the xxxxx Council ? placed in admin for 2yrs & councils were sacked. The 2yr investigating found that approx $163 million could not be accounted for, even after the 2yr investigation only 3 people were found to be corrupt, General Mgr Peter xxx, Councillor Stuart xxx & the GCC Finance Director, each to have skimmed off $1million each, within the last 3 yrs. Police have made a public statement, the ‘$dollar Three’ will not be charged. Yes you can buy policemen and women,
My continual position, is to draft a CASE against both councils; the evidence – Cw of Aust C Act1901, No recognition.
& the other that you have sent, Court ruling ( councils are not legal ). Given my limited ability I was hoping you both may help !!!. The local Press are giving me some support, but their direction to me- Press want a concise/condensed scribe, that will convert to a Press Article. Can my friends help, if so, could, between yourselves, draft something that may fit the Presse’s criteria.
WARm regards, Len xxxx

Regret, I am getting older, I forgot to mention that my friend in an insurance company, claims Councils’ can only Insure under their Private Company as their Business is required to supply the ABN & CBN. Federal & State governments do not Insure nor do they pay into their employees Super Funds. Len xxx