2018 June 14

18 things you may not realize Facebook knows about you;



Hi Friends, I attended a meeting yesterday & we were asked to Stand & raise our glasses to toast ” the Queen of Australia ” . I noted some attendees showed concern to the Claim to Queen of Australia, a first time that where I attended a meeting where many questioned that claim ” queen of Australia “. During ongoing chat I mentioned that our PSEUDO Commonwealth of Australia was registered as a Private Company in the USA, they of course were stunned & would not believe my stated position, that’s BullShit, you ( Len Butterworth ) would need to prove that ‘Private company ‘ claim in writing, so they may take the time to do their own verificate. Help if you can. LenB





http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/805157/999999999511002281/xslEFFECTX01/primary_doc.xml Company name Commonwealth of Australia


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