Fake News on TV

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Fake News 1 – Immigrant children in cages


This picture shown on the TV news of children in a cage was taken during the Obama administration.

Furthermore, the Trump administration has found that the illegal alien children were being shuffled into the Human Trafficking rings as they poured across the border of the United States. Hence, Trump as sealed off the trafficking avenue, and the mockingbirds are not able to access children for their pedo market. They are mad and stirring public sentiment against Trump.


Fake news 2 – Liberal Party meeting in Sydney – What really happened was not shown on TV news.



Fake News – 3 How can there be a ‘Royal Commission’ when the Queen No Longer exists in the Legal Practices Act, 1996 (Vic)??? We need to know what the RC is uncovering and what the banks are concealing ?

It all begins with knowing we no longer have a de jure court system! They are corporate owned. With no Queen in our legal system, and with the removal of the Queen’s Oath of Allegiance from the Legal Practices Act, 1996 (Vic) on the 5th September 2000, that is Rob Hulls, former Victorian Attorney General, under Premier Steve Bracks, NO LAW IN VICTORIA IS DE JURE!!!

The alleged courts ALL operate under Roman Law under the non constitutional Unidroit Treaty, by the treacherous Gough Whitlam. We MUST invoke and change the jurisdiction, to Biblical / Ecclesiastical Law!


I’m OK Mate -…. hmm … I dare you to read this.


By Graham

Imagine…… You have a million dollars in your bank account. You can have anything you want. You may have honoured your marriage vows and remain with your true spouse and you both have done well … congratulations. Maybe you got rid of your spouse who is now on the pension, and you have the bulk of the property, and maybe you inherited your rich uncle’s wealth. You share your bed with an interloper in your $830k domicile. You are cashed up and doing alright. Nothing bothers you … life is sweet … or so you think … because money begets comfort and happiness … right ?

You buy the latest technology and you embrace the notion of change and progress for its own sake, rather than analysing the consequences of that progress. Change for change sake is your adopted mantra.

Everything you do is either online or on your smart device. You’re already a slave to smart technology and have lost that basic human instinct to communicate effectively. Then you embrace the notion of A.I. and the internet of things as being a fantastic technological advancement to the human condition and experience.

It’s an easy sell to you.

A.I. technology gets rolled out across the internet, into your smart devices,
into your daily lives, vetoing and monitoring everything you do, say or think out loud.

Great, you love it. “The more A.I. can do for me, the less I have to do for myself, the less I have to be responsible for”. So you let this stuff roll-out around you , your family, your loved ones, your friends, your community. At your work – at the shops – in traffic – while you’re out. Never standing against it, never seeing the potential and actual damage it is doing to society. Never seeing its Octopus tentacles invading every aspect of your very being,
Pretty soon, everything in your life is controlled and managed by smart technology. But you’re ok. You have a million bucks in the bank right? You can travel when and where you want. You can buy anything you want. You can invest in anything you want. You can run up and pay huge electricity bills, consume, consume, consume, because you’re on top, safe and secured for life. You’re on easy street right! A million bucks in the bank, a good tech job or business and a life where the smart grid is “looking after ” everything for you. Life is a party. Yippee.

One day you read on the internet news that the “gov’t” is talking about a new tax law being introduced whereby anyone with more than 100,000 on deposit, anywhere, will be subjected to an 80% wealth tax, if they also earn over a certain amount each year.

You don’t like this one bit. So you decide to challenge this and get on board with some like-minded people, who like you, are rolling along on easy street loving life, money and technology because it brings them so much happiness and security. You even talk to your accountant, forgetting that is his duty to collect all taxes possible. Your Pastor doesn’t want to know.

“The governments can’t steal my bank account. No way. I won’t let them. They can’t do it, surely, they wouldn’t ?”

So after some persistent lobbying and complaining to various gov’t ministers and representatives and getting all sorts of rhetorical replies with no back down in sight, you begin to awaken and ask, “why aren’t these people listening to me. Why are my complaints falling on deaf ears ?”.

The new tax law gets passed, with not so much as a breath of objection by so-called “opposition” parties in govt.

Not long after this, the gov’t brings in a social crediting system, whereby you cannot purchase or transact anywhere by cash, only electronically. And as part of this new smart trading system, if you disagree, dissent, complain, or question such actions by the gov’t, they will be able to use any computerized or electronic means to limit your purchasing or transacting capabilities, including being able to travel!.

But how can they do this?. You ask. Surely they don’t have the technological capability to even do that. Surely!

And you discover on further analysis of this new smart social crediting system, that the limiting powers can be enforced retrospectively.

You recall that you had challenged the wealth tax law 6 months prior. Golly. The penny drops on you like a ton of C4. The retroactive social crediting rules apply to YOU because you dared to question the gov’t for wanting 80% tax on your million bucks. Now you’re in deep shit.

Your million bucks is going be taxed out of existence, and, what is left, you will be denied and declined on spending or travelling or just operating your daily life that you had relied on technology to do so faithfully do FOR you.
You’re easy co-dependent life of wealth and technology has just fallen apart.
And you just let it happen because it was “convenient” and you WERE in the privileged classes.

Or ………so you thought.

Wake up people. Beware of A.I. and technology centric social crediting. It’s coming ready or not. Restore those things due to those you owe and get right with the Father immediately

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