Mail – 12 Jul 2018

1 – There is a rumour being spread  that I am in Jail  – well it isn’t
true –          I don’t even have a traffic ticket … Larry ( a good boy)

2 – I cannot verify this – can anyone ?

They’ve recently passed legislation that determines you a “fixated
threat” if you contact a councilor or politician more then once and
liable for incarceration in a mental ward with no recourse to justice.
They’ve recently passed legislation to be able to use the military
against Australian citizens.
They’ve recently passed legislation that enables you to be jailed for
speaking out about or exposing crimes committed by the Australian

Fixated Threats .   Queensland leads the charge on this of course.

The Political Parties must be very scared to have to pass these laws.
People must be starting to understand the truth for this to happen.

have a look at this.


2 – Pedophiles Are Now Calling Themselves ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ and
Want Inclusion in LGBTQ Movement  NOT A PEEP FROM THE PULPITS ???

Gary DowsettXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3 – A great compilation about 9/11 – you may have seen some of these


4 – Poor Labor politicians   waaa   the saviour of the workers ? yeah right

5 – new on my site for those who are interested