Mail 16 July 2016

1 – A Child in Australia Dies Three Hours After Receiving Six vaccines

2 – How does your home loan actually work ?

3 – Signing your Name

4 – Gough Whitlam – love him or hate him – why he was dismissed

5Toll Road demand for $$ 



1 – A Child in Australia Dies Three Hours After Receiving Six vaccines
15 July 2018


2 – How does your home loan actually work ?


3 – Signing your Name When one writes ‘without prejudice UCC 1-308’ in connection with one’s signature/appellation it indicates that one has reserved my common law rights not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not enter knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally…And I do not accept the liability associated with the compelled benefit or any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement. See also


4 – Gough Whitlam – love him or hate him – why he was dismissed by the Australian Deep State – who and why, and what their plans are to rob you of your savings, super, investments and your home – how to protect them.


5 – So you received a Toll Road demand for $$ ?    These letters may help

Some more from Bob Jarvis…

Here is some of what I have sent back to all three.

Dear Mr.No Name – To whom it may concern,

Firstly why have you not replied to my letters 9th May, 17th May and 20th May – why have you not paid the money I requested $253.58 in my letter 17th May ? Why have you not answered my questions in my very detailed letter 20th May? Now I am asking for the cost of this letter a further $250 i.e. Total $503.58.


In April you sent me a toll notice for doing something I don’t know about “The toll for the above trip was not paid” Date & time of trip 21st Mar 2018 15:11. Where exactly does that “Location – Pennant Hills Rd E/B” start and where does it end? When I reach that point can I stop, do a “U” turn or take an alternative route? The Currency Act 1965 is a Federal Act and therefore overrides any conflicting state laws. So if the Toll Operator has not provided facilities to collect such “coin of the realm” at the entrance to a toll road, then the Motorist can consider that the dept is “forgiven” and he can proceed to drive on that toll road for free.


I also notice that the Notice is not legal as it was dated but did not have an address let alone a physical address and was signed by no one. (Mr. No Name) I believe (Financial Ombudsman Services) for a document to be taken seriously it must be dated, have a Physical Address and a legible signature. At the same time I opened my mail (8th May) I received an another “Final Notice for Non Payment of Toll). This letter had absolutely no return address. I had to get a friend in to find your address on the computer and finally spoke to a girl called “Pawan” in Dubbo – when she answered and I asked for return address she would not tell me – so I rand again and got a different girl who told me “Locked Bag 5072 Parramatta 2124. I noticed the envelope had a different address “Locked Bag 5004” – I again checked with RMS and they told me “Locked Bag 5070” it’s hard to believe that 3 different girls on the same number 132213 give you 3 different addresses – so I have chosen 5072 to be consistent, with my own letter of Demand for $253.58 to cover my stress, trouble, administration fee, my postage, envelope and your privilege of illegally finding out my name and address. I again demand you pay me the $253.58 plus another $250 for this letter – i.e. Total $503.58.


And finally I wrote…..Also on the 20th May I sent your company an eight page very detailed document outings breaches of my privacy and demanding money off me with menace – I waited the 30 days I was required to allow you to reply – as yet no reply just another “Final Toll Notice”. Since no real reply I have sent the correspondence to the “Office of the Australian Information Commissioner”. They have the decency of acknowledging receiving my mail. I demand you pay me $503.58 in my notice or take me to court. I am willing to state my case in Court.
So bring it on.


On the 27th, they responded (see attached) with a first -time forgiven letter and cancelled the toll notice – Nothing first time about me – so I have now written back with a demand for payment to me for my time and stress – see above.