Was Jesus born in a Stable ? GO VIA




If you want to opt out of being in the data base of the My Health regime  it is easier to call 1800 723 471 with your Medicare Card  rather than trying to figure out how to online


GO VIA is now called LINKT

If you receive an unsigned demand from them here is an example how to reply to the illegal & unlawful pirates and plunderers of your energy

Date:  ………. 2018
Subject: Re: Your Linkt enquiry– Reference 12345678
To: Customer Relations <customerrelations@transurban.com>


Thank you for the writer’s correspondence and unsigned offer to solicit from me.

I require the name & identity of the writer, with their signature on any correspondence including this one. 

The “writer” has from this moment 72 hours to provide me their identity details including name or failure, refusal or neglect to do so is taken as;

  1. the below communication is a blank statement,
  2. Agreement that the below communication is a solicitation letter, and I notice the writer & Linkt that I do not accept their solicitation nor do I consent to such solicitation. DO NOT CORRESPOND WITH ME UNLESS THE “WRITER” PROVIDES ID, NAME AND SINATURE

Your name

Signed ……………………………

All rights reserved

Somebody (unsigned and unnamed)  from Linkt wrote back

Dear you

Thank you for your recent email.  I understand you do not agree with tolls being charged to travel on the Linkt network.  If you travel on the toll roads, payment of tolls is required. Tolls are charged in accordance with local and state legislations.

That letter was unamed and unsigned  !!!


Your suggested Next Reply

Date:  ………. 2018
Subject: Re: Your Linkt Enquiry – Reference 12345678
To: Customer Relations <customerrelations@transurban.com>


  1. Your reply was a False statement!
  2. Who is “you”
  3. Linkt did not answer my correspondence nor the particulars sought with in it. Therefore it assented to the terms disclosed within it.
  4. What law requires payment & how does that law specifically apply to a man (or woman)? Deliver evidence or immediately cease & desist with the false claims!
  5. How does State & Local legislation apply to a man (or woman? Deliver evidence or immediately  & desist with the false claims!
  6. Deliver to me evidence that Linkt owns the roads, eg Certificate of Title, Bill of Sale etc, within the State of Queensland, including the materials used to build the roads, or immediately cease & desist with the false claims.

Deliver the evidence or immediately cease & desist with the false claims! It is my understanding that there is a higher claim to the property on the earth. 

When Linkt or its “writer/s” delivers the above sworn evidence I will pay tolls. Until then I take it I’m free to travel anywhere I chose without encumbrance, toll, charge, restriction – pursuant to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900/1901 (Cth). and Magna Carta,

Further, as the writer & Linkt have now been duly NOTICED to deliver sworn evidence to support its claim , do you not have a moral duty of care as well as an obligation & duty to follow its code of conduct for full disclosure & transparency under the rules, principles and doctrines of equity and contract to deliver to me  the further and better particulars I directed?

Would Linkt & its writer/s not be in dishonour & commercial default to ignore my directions that it be transparent & deliver full disclosure in its efforts to attain agreement or enter a contract with me?

I require all the above sworn evidence to be delivered to me by close of business Wedn 25 July 2018. Failing receiving the evidence by the disclosed time constitutes agreement Linkt has no authority to charge me any toll and agrees to withdraw the current tolls and not issue any further tolls against the car with number plate disclosed below.

Any future solicitations will incur a fee of $250Australian per solicitation to cover my time replying to such trash & the terms are deemed accepted by Linkt & its writer’s.

I look forward to receiving the above further & better particulars sought or signed communication expressing I am not required to pay tolls and the current charges are withdrawn.

Currently your (who is “your”) outstanding balance for travel on … date …  2018 in vehicle ABC 123 (State) is $18.26. (“UNCLAIMED”) As a gesture of goodwill I’ve waived the fee of $8.36 which has left the toll amount of $9.90 outstanding. I’ve also extended the due date until 27 July 2018. Payment for the toll amount of $9.90 can be made over the phone by calling us on 1300 381 570, option 2.

SEE above directions for delivery of evidence

Thanks again for your enquiry. I direct Linkt & its writer/s to deliver all evidence I made any enquiry.

Your name

Signed ……………………………

All rights reserved