6 Aug 2018 – The Drought – The Criminal Judiciary – Supreme Court declares Speed Cameras Useless

1 – The Drought – So, the Fed Gov’t is giving $1Billion to farmers – I wonder if it be deducted from the $4.2 we gave overseas to some nations who hate us, or will it be borrowed from the banksters and added to the national debt along with the $487 million recently given to a small Qld Foundation to look at the reef and say tut tut ??

How much stock feed can a farmer buy with $12,000 – about a month or so.    I wonder if the Local Councils will suspend farmers rates – yeah right.  Some years ago I sent

https://larryhannigan.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/13-murray.pdf  and https://larryhannigan.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/14-lake-eyre.pdf

to some Shire Councils in these regions – they wrote back in essence – “not interested”.

With $4.2 billion we could have several Snowy River type schemes in Qld to catch just some the enormous amount of water flowing into the Pacific and also generate  abundant  hydro-electricity at the same time.

2 – Supreme Court  declares Speed Cameras are Useless                    https://larryhannigan.com/traffic/11-hand-held-speed-cameras-in-doubt/

3 – The Criminal JudiciaryAustralians adopted our current Constitution in 1901 by Referendum and again by Referendum in 1999 to remain as a Constitutional Monarchy.

All Judges , Solicitors, Lawyers and Barristers Magistrates have taken their Oaths to the B.A.R.( British Accreditation Registry) They report to the British Monarch who is Head of the B.A.R. this makes them all Liable and complicit in and tainted of Treason and Misprision of Treason, Treachery and Sabotage.  Even Local Councillors and Police take Oaths to a phony “Queen” under the Emu and Kangaroo logo.

Among their crimes is the counterfeit Australian $ Dollar system instead of £Pounds, allowing Fractional Reserve Banking with the charging of interest, their confiscation of the ownership of your land, Rates, Fuel Tax, Road Tolls and a host of other “taxes” Thus they are liable for the penalty throughout the Commonwealth countries including USA. The penalty is … rather severe …

Your home work – learn and apply if you are tired of being a slave




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