How sick is society becoming ??

1 – Catholic Church Found to Have Spent $-Millions Lobbying To Block Child Sex Laws

2 – Cannibalism Is Being Normalized

3 – No gender on Birth Certificates and Driver Licenses ??

4 – Why does new PM Morrison keep giving more of the same old stuff, “jobs, growth, hard  working  Australian families, kow-towing to Islamic nations under the guise of trade” etc … standard clichés  …

Watch just 2 mins of Question Time in Parliament on ABC TV daily to see it.  A bunch of highly paid stuffed mullets on both sides just sitting there, sipping drinks, instead of implementing these recommendations which most people would want ? 

He has the power and duty to implement even some.

Is he trying to make it easier for the left to win – under orders from the real bosses behind the scenes ?