Last Ditch Alert – Sep 25

Forget about the rest of the world where horrific events are happening, over which you have no control.  Things are getting very serious here 

If only a few respond, then we will all bear the consequences of apathy or inaction

Unless lots of people do this – then we will continue to cop more taxes, fines and extortion. Our children will have no hope of ever buying a home or even having a job.  and they may never enjoy the freedoms we had to even walk down the street in safety.

1 – below is well worth listening to – if you care for yourselves and children –

2 – below is a letter to physically post to Scott Morrison  PO Box 6022
House of Representatives   Parliament House  Canberra ACT 2600      (02) 6277 7700

and post it to your local member, or physically take it to him/her/it  at their local office.

Emails are a waste of time and are never answered. It will cost $1.00 to post the letter –                  Print it out and sign it.   and pass this email to all on your list.

Patriot Radio