Local Councillor or Property Owner … you could be next …

Who in hell do Councillors think they are ?  Part of the NWO Agenda 21 ?   Maybe some councilor or a relative wants your place for peanuts ? or is this yet another example of the rampant corruption in some councils  … eg  a tree needed to be removed in a small town main street .. a brother in law of a councilor got the job for a mere $4,000 – a local tree trimmer quoted $400.  How about when a council recently “auctioned” a number of houses … one went for $2,100  yes $ two thousand one hundred.     Decent people would abhor such action as this … recently in a small town, the local police prosecutor was beaten up in his home, by whom and why we don’t yet know,  but people are waking up and are fed up with the fraud of private ABN companies extortion by pretending to be Government.



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