Who pays the Police ? Qld Gov’t is a Corporation –

This post earlier today is updated –  https://larryhannigan.com/2018/12/05/no-jab-no-pay-is-illegal-and-unlawful-25-questions-to-ask-govt/

Each State has a corporation pretending to be Government – and they created your so called Local Government.      https://larryhannigan.com/government-state/15-queensland-govt-is-a-corporation/

Who do the Police work for ?  https://larryhannigan.com/traffic/12-who-do-the-police-work-for/


The other reason(s) the Manus Muzzi crew were left to rot were that they did not have their Birth Certificates, so the government could not make any money out of them.


I watched the circus in Parliament today on ABC TV

It’s time to tell SloMo to wake up, get off his ass and get things moving to start using the proper system of debt fee and interest free money to finance infrastructure, to begin with –  He has the power and duty to do so immediately – No need for discussion and left/right debate – I can tell him how to implement it – it’s quite clear and supported in Sec 51 and other places which everyone in Parliament should know. It was done before and can be implemented in a couple of weeks.  Educate your local Member    https://larryhannigan.com/banks/the-story-of-the-commonwealth-bank/