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Why You Must Have a Claim of The Life / Evidence of Life to Control Your Own Sweat Equity..



The former top Crown Prosecutor in Cairns is now an accused criminal, after facing court on drug trafficking charges.

This would only be the surface of what is going on in the Queensland government and the Queensland police and their corrupt so called legal system, 

You have no idea the bullshit that is going on behind the walls of this corrupt corporate administrative system! 

Cairns, and I would say all of Queensland, needs a good swamp clean up and get rid of these corrupt criminals that have weaseled their way into the administrative systems of the Queensland government and legal system. 

The Queensland police, court system and government has become a danger to the good people of Queensland. 

To all those good magistrates, good lawyers and good police, you stand strong against this profit making corruption and remember that you serve the treasury of the people and not the lining of your own pockets at the expense of innocent Queenslanders.  

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5G blocked by residents
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Once implemented will be harder to get rid of so let’s stop it before it is rolled out


MAD DOG OUT – BLACKWATER IN – We Are Coming – Belt and Road gets Unaccountable Mercenaries      Trump is using great strategies … his move with Blackwater is “keep your enemies close’   By appointing men… who Trump knows are deep state operatives… at his command… and under his Marine intel officers… the INSTANT they disobey and go into treason… he nails them… same thing happened with outgoing Mattis, Nikki Haley, and many others.  Trump does not need an investigation in their past… he nails them in the PRESENT.

FACT:  Blackwater is the corporation that funds the MERCENARY soldiers all over the world… which were hired by the U.S. Government … including those in IS, ISIS, etc.  They are a serious threat to our freedom.
Do not be FOOLED by the reporters who want you to hate Trump… he is using the most successful strategic moves that we have witnessed in thousands of years… he is clever and uses the enemy … by letting the enemy defeat itself.  Our Swamp monsters are arrogant and careless… many times Q has posted: “These people are stupid.  We hear everything.”
Many believe Trump is anointed by our LORD God, and being appointed by the election of over 50 million Americans, his power is unprecedented in history…as Q states: ENJOY THE SHOW…
Pray for the safety of Trump and his family…because our future is dependent on what the LORD God chooses to do… and our battle as Americans is with principalities (aka invisible energy beings in other dimensions)….Ephesians 6 according to quantum physics.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFrench Police to Join Yellow Vests After Finding Out the Gov’t is Ripping Them Off Too


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