You want more immigration ? Here is Standard Islamic practice to “infidels”

No, not all Muslims are bad. Not all Muslims believe in jihad, subjugating infidels or are intolerant of non-Muslims. Not all Muslims want to move to Western countries in order to culturally destroy them and instead turn them into part of the Islamic caliphate. But hundreds of millions of Muslims do believe in all that. And they also now live in Holland, the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia etc.

Here is Standard Islamic practice to infidels,  especially Christians.    Saudi Arabian Family hang their Ethiopian maid upside down from a hook and beat her to a bloody pulp. She is drenched in blood from the whips and sticks that the Saudi men use to beat her.  Warning –  contains brutal graphics.

The bastards that do this have been brought in or welcomed into our country  by the ALP and the Greens and their dumb supporters.

Religious Cowards do this to helpless women and children, those who cannot fight back while the Evanjellyfish Churches utter not a peep … why ?

Non-European Foreign workers in the Gulf states are treated as de-facto Slaves, with no human rights and are kept as virtual prisoners by their respective “employers” and forced to endure harsh treatment for little pay.

A recent report by Amnesty International slammed the worsening state of human rights abuses in the country. Among the myriad criticisms leveled in the report, it was noted that migrant workers and other minorities regularly suffer abuse and “excessive use of force” at the hands of authorities.

Remember at election time the ALP and Greens let thousands of illegal migrants, many with terrorist ideology into Australia that now cost many billions that are taken from YOUR hospital and medical service, that is why YOU and YOUR FAMILY cannot get prompt medical treatment and many die waiting.    That is why medical treatment and prescriptions are so expensive because YOU are subsidizing the cost of terrorism.   The massive cost of terrorism is also taken from our education facilities for our children and community infrastructures, roads and transport.

The ALP and Greens have openly said they want more migrants from the middle east where the entire population appear brainwashed into a political/religious structure, believe it or die.  They claim Islam is a religion,  then why are there many Islamic governments, that clearly shows it is not a religion but a political form of government.  

Australia’s federal government spends an estimated $1.2 billion a year on counter terrorism.  A perhaps somewhat high estimate is that the full-scale surveillance of an individual for a year costs about $A8 million. Mar 2, 2015

The Australian Federal Police, as previously announced, will get an additional $321.4 million over four years to spend on 100 additional intelligence experts, more than 100 tactical response and covert surveillance operators and almost 100 forensic specialists.

$2.064 billion for intelligence gathering and analysis by the seven major agencies

ASIO’s budget jumped from $69 million in 2001 to $341 million in 2006-7.