Senator at the Melbourne Protest meeting

Today, all day,  ABC TV News broadcast an endless attack on Senator Anning for attending the Melbourne protest labeling it as being “Far Right” (whatever that means) and labeling the gathering as “racist” – The left wing stooges were used by the TV News to make their comments –  they all parroted the same old chant, even including the “holocaust”  and “anti-semitism” themes.   Methinks there should have been many Senators and Members from all “parties” in attendance to see what it was all about – they would have found that the protest was only about the African Gangs problem, which police seem to do nothing about, and all pollies seem to want to pretend does not exist ??  Why ?? … this item from Leonce may shed some light


My son Jeff who lives in a small town Mid North of South Australia told me that he met a guy from Uganda there in the town.   He looked pretty lost.   Does not know how to drive or how the banks operate.   Been here 3 months.  He says he does not want to be here.   He said his daughter of 14 years old is still over there and he wants to go back to be with her.

He said that the UN picked up most of the people in his village and took them by Hercules aircraft to some airport and after a few flights in different aircraft, they ended up here in Australia (against their Will).  Something bloody evil is going on.   We know that, but it does not make it any better to know that our Government is up to their necks in this treasonous activity.

Jeff’s wife Dani helped the guy open his bank card (he did not know how the registration process worked) but it was supplied by our so called Government.   It had $35,000 in it.   3 months – say what?  He was given an $80,000 Landrover which he cannot drive, so his son is driving it around and learning how it drives as he goes.   No license, but hey, he is a black African and that seems to be OK with our Government and police.

How many pensioners get this kind of gravy train???  Something very evil is going on when things like this are happening.

It has to stop … Leonce


If that is true, the TREASON noose needs to come out and the sooner the better. No wonder Senator Anning is getting a hard time.


Leonce then followed up with …

Hi,  what makes my son’s information credible, is the fact that a couple of years ago Jeff’s Army Intelligence mates said that there were plans to bring in another 11,000,000 people from overseas.   I said that is bloody madness and impossible.

About two weeks ago Scott Morrison said that he wants to bring in another 11,000,000 people.  So, the information seems to be genuine.

These guys are not game to bring it to the attention of the authorities, and Jeff says that if they are not game, then he sure as hell isn’t either. There are people behind the scenes who are only too willing to kill anyone in their way.

Leonce Kealy

Honorable Member of The

Electors’ Parliaments of Australia 

If Leonce’s letters are true the TREASON noose needs to come out and the sooner the better. No wonder Senator Anning is getting a hard time.

One commentary on ABC TV from the left, claimed that Anning wants Hitler to be taught in schools and the News claimed that there are 1000s of Holocaust escapees living in Australia. So what did that have to to with the rally ?  Nothing at all.

And on SBS news tonight, the Libs, are sending back to where they came from,  some 300 non-citizens who have criminal records here – what a great idea … how about the hundreds of Africans/Sudanese who are plundering people and property in Sydney and Melbourne and last week in Brisbane  

Just now – Anning was on Channel 9 Current Affair – more gangs violence in Qld – bashing women in shop car parks, stealing cars at the petrol pump a few days ago.  More to come no doubt ??

Just now from Kalgoorlie WA – groups of 10-15 very dark skinned young men (hard to see in the night) are wandering around town, smashing windows in homes and shops and lighting fires. These criminals are known to locals and are on Gov/t support.    Police appear unwilling to act or are ordered not to act .. by whom ?? Interesting too that the new NBN there is intermittent at best, harming homes and businesses.

A message from our illustrious leaders – why why ??



Now back to the “racism” and anti semitic stuff – try to think a bit !! 

The very youngest “holocaust survivor” would be at least 75yrs old now and anyone being an adult in Germany then would be 90yrs old or more ,,,hmm 

Plus – we also had Ernst Zündel, jailed and persecuted for exposing thousands of “survivors” world wide,  collecting war reparations because their parents were killed in the holocaust … wait for it … their parents were killed – 10 years or more BEFORE THEY WERE BORN !! amazing eh.

Well, I was not in Germany at that time, but my grandfather was … he tells a very different story –  Hitler’s greatest “Crime” was to confront and kick out the bankers, and start a proper money system, debt free and interest free, to rebuild Germany which was ravished in WW1.  Yes the same money system as was used by our own Commonwealth Bank to build the Nullabor Railway. No interest – No debt. 

That is the real reason for the War, believe it or not.

Also consider this – Most whites today are descendants of Shem. So how can we be anti-ourselves as anti-semites ???

An old trick – label your enemy what you are.   Larry

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