Bill Shorten 2019 – More Gangs – Weird Earth Events


Anning calls for immigration referendum to be held with federal election due in May

Anning’s Facebook page and office phones off the dial with support

Channel 9 poll backfires with Anning support at 77 per cent



I am amazed that more than half the visits to my site recently have been about Bill Shorten !   So here is one you may not have seen  written by Jim Ball who knows the facts

And in case you did not see the one by Larry Pickering

I am amazed because the work that Wayne Glew is doing has massive potential good for all of us. in case you did not see it  Scroll down to latest  4 Jan 2018

Now – for those who want to believe that the Melbourne rally was about “racism” and “Nazis” etc,  here is the real reason people are fed up with these African/Sudanese gangs coming to a town or city near you. Why weren’t other pollies there to see what was going on and why ?  Remember – it is only 99% of them who make it hard for the rest of them to serve us, the people   1 min 40s

Next – Weird events in Mongolia – What is happening to our Earth ?  Could it be that plants are gobbling up all of that dreadful Carbon Dioxide ???  4 mins

And now for something completely different – if you really want to blow your mind 

Personally I think this is from the period between Gen 1.1 and 1.2 – an unknown period of time. Verse 2 says  And the earth was without form, and void;  should be translated  “the Earth “had became” void according to a languages expert friend.     God would not have originally made the Earth as a mess so some ones or some things messed it up, and this indicates that Adam was created in the restoration about 4000 BC.   Who knows what other “giants” existed before Gen 1.1 and later before the flood as in Gen 6.4 ?  My thoughts !

If this subject interests you see