Urgent – A Crisis Facing you daily

From Mark in Qld –

Another elderly gentleman was attacked in his home in Brisbane overnight by a gang of 4 Sudanese. Sources in Melbourne that tell me this is a daily occurrence there because that is where most of the immigrants enter & reside.  There are now gangs of Sudanese (among other African tribes – Somalis) spread all over Australia.

These gangs are trouble makers in their OWN COUNTRY & have been SELECTED OUT by some people in the Australian gov to be imported into Australia to cause community tension & strife – part of the agenda of destroying the white race.  

  1. These gangs invade homes beating up the occupants & stealing anything of value whatever they can get their hands on

  2. Attacking cars that are stopped at traffic lights or at petrol stations & evict the occupant and steal the car

  3. When caught by the police, they cry out “discrimination” & then are released from the courts, despite having been caught in possession of weapons & doing crimes, AND despite laws that convict such offence committed by white Aussies to 25 year jail.

Folks this is sedition at its worst. Some of our politicians are traitors to this country!  2019 is the year of organizing. We, the people need to be organized.  I feel angst concerning the safety of my own daughter living in Melbourne. No woman should ever travel by car or public transport alone. Life is precious but at risk in this country but particularly in Melbourne. To the women there, DON’T TRAVEL ALONE – carry a self defence weapon of any kind.

Quietly, there are steps forming to hopefully address these issues in Melbourne  Perhaps you might circulate this message to others around the country … Mark


What now ?

Step 1 – It is now time to call or confront your Local Member and ask them… how many Illegal Alien families are they willing to let live inside of their home, feed them, provide healthcare, etc?           Write down their response.

Step 2 –  call or confront Local Councillor … Write down their response.

Step 3 –  call or confront all of the pastors in your town or city.  Ask them for their answer.  Write down their response.

Step 4 … the Vatican has a wall built around its entire facility and will not allow immigrants nor women into it. Call your local priest and ask… how many illegal aliens he will personally share with in his living quarters?  Write down the response.

Step 5 … if these leaders say that they want to house illegals, then help find the families that need help… Make it so.

Step 6 …. take the time to encourage local men to really look at this issue from REALITY, and not from their religious “belief system”, which was created by the Vatican and now thru the Evanjellyfish systems including Christianity, Zionism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.  If they are not willing to house illegals, then they are lying to the people about immigration and border security.

Step 7 –   Do not confuse “Love they neighbor” with  “Let the enemy sleep in your bed.” 


Oh my – this is so sad –  The new world order that they told us didn’t exist for decades, is now being destroyed.  Poor little globalist Penny Wong Claims … UK And US Retreat From Globalism To Blame For Breakdown In World Order.

Is it not time we got out of the UN and the Paris Agreement, and cease importing the non white trouble makers ?  Even one is too many.  If you have a jar of jellybeans and you know one (or more) is deadly poison, surely you would throw out the lot?