Wayne Glew – George Brandis – Julia Gillard and mates revealed

I spoke to Wayne – the article content is BS  written by a solicitor
The Judge is actually a CEO of a big Law firm
The man told the judge he was a fake in very strong language and walked out – he was not thrown out

While we are all waiting for the next items from Wayne Glew,  I hear that George Brandis realised he could be charged with TREASON because he was an Ambassador for  AUSTRALIA (The Corporation) not Australia (under the Crown) … more info as it comes to hand

1 – Here’s a small sample of how many coal plants there are in the world today:  I cannot prove these, but why do we send heaps of coal to them ?

The EU has 468 plants building 27 more for a total of 495
Turkey has 56 plants building 93 more total 149
South Africa has 79 building 24 more total 103
India has 589 building 446 more total 1036
Philippines has 19 building 60 more total 79
South Korea has 58 building 26 more total 84
Japan has 90 building 45 more total 135
AND CHINA has 2363 building 1171 total 3534
AUSTRALIA is planning to shut down their remaining 6 plants and save the planet !!    Go Australia


2 – Updated     https://larryhannigan.com/australia/45a-bill-shorten-achievements/


3 – Some History of Gillard and mates, supporting the  Clintons

Trump’s Swamp clean-up will find these too

In this Video below, the Clintons are mentioned:
“The UN & Associates and the Pedophiles”: https://www.brighteon.com/5972255552001
The Clinton-Body-count:
The Clinton-Foundation gave Julia Gillard a job in their affiliated Global Partnership for Education:
April LaJune has something about Clinton Foundation NEW Whistleblower (Please, note the Menora behind her):
Gillard is also Beyondblue Chair and on Board of Liberman-backed finacier CVS Lane.
A Royal Commission into Union corruption let her of the hook. But also her sister in arms, Clinton, got of the hook in the USA!
Gillard is hailed with academic awards and honorary-doctor-degrees. For a long time people suspected pedophilia among the academic profession and professionals and may be something is right about it.
“Yet Gillard pardoned selective known types of pedos in Australia……..” as seen on:
Gillard’s slush fund saga is back, on:
The Gillard-files on: