When the hell are you gonna wake up ?

When the hell are you gonna wake up ?

Three times we said NO Local Government

1974 Referendum = NO Local Government

1988 Referendum = NO Local Government

1985-1986 The Australia Acts created Local Governments

1999 Referendum = NO   The Australia Acts and everything in them including Local Governments rejected.    Every Local Government Act must be repealed immediately.

Three times NO is surely enough?  Now write and inform pollies and councilors that Every Local Government Act must be repealed immediately.

But if you don’t act and you do not tell your neighbours, that assumes you like paying the extortion racket. Remember who gets the money. The “council” the “Government” oh my oh my … Do your homework https://larryhannigan.com/government-local/

And write a letter like the one attached  If only one or two people in every council region writes, it will be a waste of time – To achieve any worthwhile results, send this email to everyone you can. Copy and print this all and letterbox your area. Merchants and religious groups do so, so why are you not willing to keep the whatever thousands of $$ you pay in rates to the unlawful and mostly corrupt individuals who pretend they are Government ? – they are not and the bulk of that money is for their obscene salaries – little, if any is spent on “roads and services” https://larryhannigan.com/government-local/your-rates-notice-road-levy-is-unlawful-and-illegal/

The future is in your hands

If you lived in London in WW2, some people sat on the hill waiting for the “rapture” to take them out of responsibility – the others buit Spitfires.  Listen to just the 1st 6 mins of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6o9nyDUuS0


Do not write to “The Council” – write only to flesh and blood individuals therein.

NO emails – registered letter !

Dear whobody 

I draw your attention to why I do not agree to paying any more rates while you pretend to be a part of unlawful Government, unless you can prove otherwise in a Chapter 3 Court under the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION ACT 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted

Prior to 1900, there were no States, they were known as Colonies and were all independent, under British military law. Those independent Colonies had agreements for trade, etc under the Federal Councils of Australasia Act 1855. As free settlers began to grow in number, the People decided to unite under one form of government. Years of conventions and referendums were held and in 1898–1900 they culminated in the Draft Constitution of the People which went to England for ratification. On 9 July 1900, Queen Victoria signed the amended draft Constitution and returned it to Australia. 

It was approved by the people and The COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION ACT 1900 (UK) was brought into Australian law on 1st January 1901,  and became the Founding and Primary law for all now named States and Governments, Courts, Police and People, over and above anything in previous State or Colony laws.

State Governments have no authority to create any laws which contravene anything in the true Constitution.  Section 109 removes the anything and everything whatsoever in any previous Acts regarding Local Councils being any part of government. They remain to this day as private ABN companies – nothing more.  Section 109 also nullifies any new  “laws and Acts” since 1900 in any State contrived “Local Gov’t Acts,” (none of which have been lawfully proclaimed nor gazetted nor approved by Referendum, including the notorious Australia Act 1986.) THIS IS SPELLED OUT CLEARLY IN – Sec 9A of the Acts interpretation Act 1954 which is still current.    

The Referendums in 1974 and 1988 specifically asked the people say … yes or no … to Local Councils (which may have existed prior to 1900) be continued and whether new Councils could be formed  ... the continuance of and establishment of ….  The people voted an overwhelming NO … thus all Councils that may have existed became unlawful.  They are not a part of Government and are nothing more than Private ABN companies.  They pretend to be Govt but are not.    Then came their next attempt(s) … to have power over us and to tax us more.

The Australia Acts 1985 and 1986 (request Acts only) created the unlawful Local Governments. The forged signature of a Queen appeared on the top of the front page of those “Acts”.  She told Hawke and co – “you gotta ask the people.”  So we then had Referendum 1999, where those 2 Acts and everything in them was overwhelmingly rejected.  Thus the inclusion of Local Government ( Local Councils) as a third tier of Government was rejected and they remain unlawful today. They are nothing more than ABN private companies.

The 1999 Referendum totally invalidates all Local Government Acts to this day.

Their CEOs are not elected and answerable to no one, except their UN bosses, yet they control and manipulate the local Councillors.

In the 1999 Referendum, we the people also voted to remain a Constitutional Monarchy – We are not a democracy (mobocracy). A lynch mob, is a democracy – the majority wants to hang the minority. WE remain a Constitutional Monarchy under English Common Law. But above all is God’s law in the KJV 1611


 wants to hang the minority. WE remain a Constitutional Monarchy under English Common Law. But above all is God’s law in the KJV 1611

Yours in truth