Updates – Wayne Glew + Shorten’s “refugees” + Quick and Garren on our Constitution

1 – Wayne Glew – scroll down to video 5


2 – One black Jelly Bean is 1 too many  + How muslims treat their women – graphic 2 mins          Scroll down to Videos 2 + 3   https://larryhannigan.com/australia/45c-bill-shorten-pledges-500-million-to-un-confirms-increased-refugee-intake/

3 – Quick and Garren on our Constitution   Page 311 clause 1   Wipes out “Australia” Act UK & “Australia”.


 Breaches the draft bill of “the Commonwealth Bill” of 1891.
1897 convention in Adelaide and Sydney session Mr Barton amendment was
in order to distinguish between the Act as a whole and the  Constitution embodied in the Act.

Ok – there goes all our current system of Australia, bank notes and all laws back to 1901.
Sorry to say all legal practitioners, lawyers are included and all  universities under the legal studies is gone.  That’s why we have the Title under Settlement of the Commonwealth of  Australia Constitution Act 1901 and to remember a legislatures cannot insert itself when no authority is granted.