Why the Droughts and fires, Attention Politicians and Pastors

Extremes in weather are now worldwide – from huge floods to deep freeze, searing high temperatures, fires and droughts. Is it because of HAARP,  is it climate change, or could there be another factor ? So let’s focus on Australia.

POINT 1) – Any practical farmer would see a drought (which naturally produces lots of kindle and fuel for fires) as being as simple as  “not enough rain … thus rivers and creeks dry up … gotta get some water somewhere”  even a back yard gardener can figure that out – eh ?

Despite thick-as-a brick Slowmo apparently doing everything possible to ensure losing an election, arguing about how many females are in Parliament or whatever, and big timing himself with all the hoo haa and political garbage and millions of $$ for think tanks and committees and commissions about real problems, such as the Murray Darling basin etc – not one of those will put one drop of water into the river.

How can we have a Royal Commission, when they have abolished the Crown and replaced it with a fiction “Queen of Australia” ?

Most of the water from the February 2019 North Qld floods went out to sea. The floods west of the Great Dividing range were simply because of extraordinary rainfall coverage – yes they do have lots of rain and monsoons there sometimes, and one sixth of Australia eventually drains  into Lake Ayre.  But back to the Murray Darling basin.  I have presented these 2 items to some pollies, whom I suspect merely glanced at them and said – waa … too costly !!  – oh my !



Both those projects can be done immediately, Sec 51 – interest free and debt free, as was done building the Nullabor Railway, as well as creating thousands of jobs. Those workers will use that lawfully created money to live, to pay off debts and “stimulate the economy” and naturally reduce the alleged national debt. Who is the creditor of the debt ? hmm …

Similarly, we could easily have a dozen Snowy River Schemes and clean coal power plants to produce heaps of cheap reliable power.  I recall even Turnbull in a brief moment of common sense saying that “South Australia has more Solar and Wind power than any State … they have everything … except cheap reliable power”

POINT 2 )  If you are an atheist (which I doubt anyone really is)  you may not like this, (your choice) – God offers us choices – to follow His laws for the preservation of a society or not.  Common sense must prevail. Even the “laws” of traveling on the road. In Australia, we have all agreed to drive on the left. Other countries may drive on the right – that’s ok  PROVIDING all travelers AGREE.  If you go to USA and demand your right to drive on the left and you ignore their rules, then chaos, injuries and death are inevitable, despite some people claiming their rights are restricted.  A fatal accident is not a “punishment” it is an inevitable consequence.   

In our society, we have adopted The KJV Bible as our standard, which has given us our MORAL codes and beliefs concerning Murder, Theft. Adultery, Incest, lying etc and our general behaviour   The natural consequences of disobeying them, individually and nationally, are there whether you agree or not.  

Have a careful read of Deuteronomy Chapter 8 from verse 15 onwards. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Deuteronomy+8&version=KJV 

There are sins and consequences for sin, especially for unrepentant people who continue in sins, especially adultery in all of its forms.

Please read the following Petition information and make contact with your local members to object strongly to what is being considered in Tasmania as the next part of their “one-sex” world.  Also please pray about it if you’re a pray-er. What a people believe, governs what they do. 

I discussed this with an Evanjellyfish Pastor – he refused to say a peep in the pulpit, and said he would hide if a gay couple asked him to marry them !  wow, what brave and strong principles he has ??

After you send this petition    See the 3 short videos below

The push to abolish gender has reached new heights. 

The Tasmanian lower house has passed legislation that will mean a child’s biological sex won’t be on their birth certificate. 

The legislation also makes changing one’s gender as easy as signing a stat dec for anyone 16+!

The far-reaching effects of such a law cannot be overestimated.

Once again biology is being completely thrown out the window in a bid to make the gender benders happy.

And once again it’s women and children who are losing out.   

Women and girls’ female-only spaces cannot be safe when men can legally become female as easily as signing a stat dec.

And this ‘landmark transgender rights reform’ completely fails the best interest test for kids.

If passed, this legislation would open a can of worms.

That’s why you and I have got to make ourselves heard before the Tasmanian upper house votes on it.   

We can lobby the people who will decide whether this push is passed into law.

If you’re concerned about the gender benders abolishing gender, sign our petition calling for the Tasmanian MLCs to vote down this legislation today.

Together we can push back on the transgender agenda. 

Thanks for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Kirralie Smith
Binary Spokeswoman