UPDATE ON NZ SHOOTING + will I sign your Petition? – read this first

1 – UPDATE ON NZ SHOOTING   firstly I wrote this on the day it happened –   Blind Freddie can see that this is another Port Arthur event to get gun laws to disarm the population    The word “false flag”  evokes snide remarks that it didn’t really happen –  oh yes, these events do happen – why – because someone wants them to happen.  They need a patsy too


I was not there but I have received a lot of emails, NZ eye witness too,

1 – There is little doubt it was pre-planned – apparently he posted on FB he was gonna do it – and I doubt it was a solo operation.

2 – Some FB vids are being deleted – where the Police rammed a parked car and – some say most people in the Mosques had shoes on – hmmm – some question the little amount of of blood from such a large number

3 – Why was evil Podesta in NZ a few days prior to oversee what he called a …”global event” ?

4 – Why was the airport closed to all except some USA military planes coming from and going to Antarctica ? (airport staff)

5 – Whoever it was, it was clever planning – because if it had been just a nutter (who got ideas from computer games) why not do it in a shopping centre or a school –   No, do it in a Mosque,  ‘cos that creates more so called anti Muslim resentment too –

6 – The media created words of “terrorist event” is also another opportunity for them to jump on Senator Anning who merely said we would not have such problems if we did not not keep importing people when they have no intention of working or assimilating     https://larryhannigan.com/australia/58-gotta-stop-importing-black-jellybeans/

7 – The young kid smashed an egg onto Mr Anning –  how many people carry an egg to a meeting and video themselves ???  According to some FB items, he also boasted days before that he was gonna do it

threw an egg.jpg

8 – The whole of the TV news seems to be harping on about gun laws in NZ    Really ??  why would they want to stop people defending themselves against any evil ??   Notice the readers and commentators are very often saying identical sentences – word for word.

But  I suppose – some people still think the hole is not at their end of the boat


2 – Sydney smashed with a month’s worth of rainfall in just 24 hours: Lightning, hail, flash flooding – Meanwhile CYCLONE forms off Queensland


Last week I already sent out why the extreme weather – 

Have a careful read of Deuteronomy Chapter 8 from verse 15 onwards. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Deuteronomy+8&version=KJV 

There are sins and consequences for sin, especially for unrepentant people who continue in sins, especially adultery in all of its forms. including Mark 10  11-12 the most prevalent of all now