Anzac Day events cancelled in New Zealand + other shocking items

Anzac Day events cancelled in New Zealand

TV Reporter and PM ARDERN in NZ ,…are lying scheming bitches,……,..the HOAX of slayings in New Zealand recently seems to be an international attempt to DESTROY ANZAC DAY,…in every country & DEMONISE IT 😡‼️

Much real evidence suggests that it was a staged event in NZ with crisis actors ,..just like IT WAS NOT, Martin Bryant who murdered 35 in Port Arthur in  ‘96 




Character assassination on air of a Gun owner

Submission from Mike Loder of New Zealand Hunting.
Notice that when he gets some replies from the Govt, they are not questions aimed at his technical knowledge, but mostly aimed at his character in a lame attempt to discredit him. Basically a solf character assassination.

Jacinda Ardern: Another Corrupt Freemason




To protect the environment, we clear land of everything, no plants trees or wildlife and cover the area with solar panels and we build wind turbines.


What is the Carbon Footprint to construct these and car batteries, then recycle them when they die?  Engineers say they never repay their carbon cost—ever? 


As Bill Shorten has absolutely NO idea of electrics (nor apparent business experience) he says you can charge your very quiet electric car – that causes accidents because cannot hear it coming – in 8 minutes, Bravo Bill brilliant assessment – I can’t even charge my mobile phone in 8 minutes. Please pass your secret technology on to the Telco’s.

The grid cannot supply it, with everyone coming home and plugging in their car, a 10-amp home circuit will not cope with other normal home appliances operating, the circuit will trip.  The distribution wiring is not heavy enough to carry the additional loading of even every second house having an electric car.  The transformers cannot carry the load and the grid will collapse.

Please Explain Billy where the electricity is coming from?

Industry will shut down and move to China or India where they have greater intelligence and available electricity burning Aussie coal. More on the dole, more antisocial behaviour, more medical expense from over stressed parents seeing their children’s future destroyed by Bill’s ALP stupidity.


His ALP 50% Electric Car Pledge by 2030 is impossible – correctly described as baloney.

Electric cars would struggle to tow caravans

Electric cars take hours to charge overnight – they do not charge in 10 minutes – if the Power Co’s plans get approved to reduce voltage from 240 to 230 it will take a very long time to charge your car.

Electric cars cost at least $20,000 more to buy, so car sales will die, and many will be forced out of work and schools due to lack of transport.

The electricity grid will cost many billions to upgrade over many decades pushing us into a massive debt and high-risk of massive unemployment and high food cost recession. Upgrade cost will be taken from education and health – or privatised into unaffordable costs.

Electric cars will have very high new taxes levied on them and distance travelled as cars will be fitted with transponder reporting boxes and high electricity charging costs, to compensate for lost fuel revenue.

Electric cars on average travel a maximum of 300 km, making them useless for long distance travel on Australian roads.

NRMA & RAC costs will skyrocket as they will have to buy a fleet of vans capable of fast recharging – which damages the battery – slow charging which doesn’t if you have 8 hours to spare and pay the hourly rate – or replace the battery at $3,000.

It will be much cheaper to use a horse and buggy, even so the small additional employment from Farriers, blacksmiths, coach builders, wheelwrights and stables will not offset the massive unemployment.

The fantasy electric car and green concepts will send Australia to the wall, as beforehand.

This is a re-run of Rudd & Gillard’s grandiose ideas that flopped, they inherited $20 billion surplus and no net debt: They left a debt of $400 billion and the welfare had almost doubled from $90 billion to $130 billion.

We now have a historical re-run, LNP leave a healthy surplus that took years of hard work and tough measures the voters got sick of – so they vote ALP and change government who due to stupidity and incompetence will leave another massive debt – so they will be voted out and the LNP will have to do the hard work again to get your country out of debt – then we start again . . . . . . . . . .

There are over 18,000,000 (eighteen million) vehicles registered in New South Wales of which 12,000,000 are cars.

If the lowest minimum horse power for cars is 100 – most are between 150 to 350. One hundred horse power (100 hp) equals 74 kilowatts.

74 kilowatts multiplied by twelve million is 880,000,000 kilowatts, required every day.

That’s 320 billion kilowatts a year. Where is all the power coming from just to charge vehicles? And this is only in NSW. It’s an impossibly. Forget about SA it’s stuffed – pushbikes and walking might improve their reality.

It takes 16 hours to fully charge an electric car, and on a “quick-charger” the time is, allegedly, two hours. Imagination the frustration, delays, confusion and road-rage at refill stations (if you can find one – none along country roads) during peak hour and during holiday periods.

At the quickest rate of two hours queues will be thirty kilometres long. Cities and towns of NSW would be gridlocked. Imagine too if an electric car in peak-hour on the M1 to Gosford or the M5 to Campbelltown, in a tunnel, on the bridge or in the city experienced a flat battery?  Bill’s only fame will be a new word “flattery” a widely used descriptive for ‘flat battery’.

Bill Shorten is leading us all into a living nightmare.

In the older suburbs of all cities where there is only off-street parking, how will those car owners go about charging their vehicles?

The whole concept is another Labor stupidity and they don’t care, just like Chris Bowen’s response to pensioners regarding franking credits and negative gearing – if you don’t like it vote for someone else—we will.

Message to all the grey nomads towing caravans, the ALP will destroy your lifestyle (and finances) because no practical electric powered car will ever be available to tow a van, and if one could, the cost to run it would be prohibitive – not to mention a flat battery between Mt Isa and Katherine, or along the Nullarbor. 

Another expensive ALP “lemon” like their NBN.

Maybe Bill shorten and his colleagues need to see a psychiatrist for electro-therapy – every time you say something stupid you get an electric shock—that will keep them busy, they could carry a solar-panel back pack.